U.S. border patrol chief visits Blaine


The U.S. Border Patrol Blaine sector received a visit from U.S. border patrol chief Rodney Scott from July 19-20.

Scott became border patrol’s 24th border chief in February 2020, a position in which he is in charge of more than 20,000 border patrol agents and staff along the U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico borders, and coastal territories.

“It was a pleasure to host chief Scott here in Blaine Sector,” Blaine’s chief patrol agent David S. BeMiller said in a statement to The Northern Light. “His leadership and enthusiasm in our mission is profound. We are proud that chief Scott found the time in his busy schedule to pay us a visit.”

During his two-day tour, Scott led question and answer musters at the Bellingham and Blaine stations; conducted a Blaine sector town hall meeting; did an ATV tour of the Sumas border patrol area; took a Blaine tour on the CBP Air and Marine Operations Black Hawk helicopter; and went on a boat tour from Blaine Harbor to Point Roberts, where he toured the Point by vehicle, according to a Blaine sector border patrol spokesperson.

BeMiller and Blaine’s new deputy chief patrol agent Kenneth Blanchard accompanied Scott during his visit.


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