Letters to the Editor: July 15-21, 2021


The Editor:

I support Jennifer Plombon for Blaine City Council Ward 3 Position 6 seat.

As an early resident of Semiahmoo in the 1990s, I chose to relocate back to Semiahmoo upon retiring and make my home here once again.

I have seen the changes with significant development and population growth in the Blaine area and am impressed by the effort and improvements made to restore, protect, and preserve the fragile coastal marine environment and natural beauty.

Jennifer Plombon’s record of community service combined with her career as a nurse, a degree in forestry and a keen interest in wildlife, makes her an outstanding candidate to serve our community.

Jennifer will be an important asset to the city council to create vision and work to protect our beautiful environment, which promotes tourism, supports small business and enhances the quality of life here for us all.

Margaret M. Burton



The Editor:

In last week’s issue of The Northern Light newspaper, I read about three children being rescued from a hot car.

It just broke my heart to read that article. I just don’t understand how can anyone leave their children in a 111-degree car.

If this is not negligence, then what is it?

That woman was told by the officer to give her three children fluids immediately. Wow! What a concept. If a dog were left in that car, probably, he would have had more rights than the children. Where is the justice here?

One offense could be the cause of injury or death. Maybe next time that woman won’t be so lucky.

The younger the children are, less control over their body heat they have.

A state can prosecute a parent or guardian for endangering the health of a child left in an unattended vehicle. A court can apply general abuse and neglect laws.

Just a reminder: Please leave your kids at home or take them inside the store or wherever you are going.

Jocelyne Harsch



The Editor:

We want to express our gratitude to all of the people who have served on the frontlines in essential services during the past 15 months.

As we near the end of what has been a challenge for all, it is easy to slip into our ‘old normal’ once again and forget the sacrifices made by so many. We will not forget.

We will not forget healthcare workers who risked their lives daily to care for others. We will not forget first responders who were always there when needed. We will not forget CBP who kept the supply chain open to provide us essential goods, or truckers who transported those goods. We will not forget construction workers, plumbers, electricians, or heating and refrigeration folks who kept our homes and businesses running smoothly.

We will not forget grocery workers who worked tirelessly to keep our pantries stocked, the agricultural and food processing workers who kept our country fed or the manufacturing workers who provided us with much-needed goods. We will not forget educators who re-defined teaching, or childcare workers who offered families respite. We will not forget USPS that kept our mail coming, and provided a sense of normalcy to our lives, or the delivery drivers who brought our online purchases. We will not forget those in social services who were there to help folks in need.

We will not forget public transportation workers or the media who kept us informed. We will not forget gas station workers, public service workers, telephone and utility workers and service workers. We will not forget the ministries that offered people peace and hope through faith. And we will not forget volunteers.

These folks, and forgive me for omissions, put themselves at risk every day to help others, and to keep our country running. We have all had a difficult 15 months. Imagine how much more difficult it would have been without the courage and dedication of these folks.

We, at Blaine Food Bank, are truly humbled and grateful for your service. You have redefined the word hero. You may not have capes, or be able to fly, but you are real-life superheroes.

Sally Church, on behalf of Blaine Food Bank volunteers



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