Young Reporters Assignment: June 18


In the June 4 issue of The Northern Light, we offered local kids the following newsroom assignment: School is almost out for the summer. What will the summer look like for kids? Though we’re in phase 2, we continue to be limited on what we can do. How do you think you will fill your days? Do you have plans? What advice would you give kids your age to have a great summer? Do some research, ask your friends and let us know.

Here are the winning submissions for assignment 8, the final Young Reporters assignment. Congratulations to our winner, who will receive a certificate and YMCA pass, and thanks to all who participated!

Enjoy the family time and hit the trails

By Anneli Franzer

Due to the stay at home order, summer may not look like much for a lot of kids. Even Blaine’s annual Independence Day parade was canceled. Fortunately, not all summer fun has been canceled. Being at home with our families, we will have many chances to watch a movie, play a game, read a book or just have fun together. 

Whatcom County libraries are also doing the summer reading program. This is for all ages, whoever wants to find a good book. You may even find a new favorite. Kids and their families may also have plans for when the quarantine lets up as well. 

My family planned on going to California in May to visit my brother, who is in the Marines, but the trip was unfortunately postponed. We are now going for the Fourth of July. 

Until then, I will try to finish my schoolwork and spend time with my family. My advice for other kids: Appreciate this extra time with your family, try to brainstorm things for you and your family to do and go on trails or bike rides. These can help you grow closer.

Summer Advice: Fun times at home! Still!

By Kaatri Glanzer

It’s getting warmer and the sun is shining, making it harder to stay inside. This means that summer is coming. But is it truly summer break now? Or did it start back in April, over spring break? 

There was never really a definite mark to the end of the school year and the start of summer break. No yearbook signings or desk and locker cleanings, no end of the year trips to the waterslides. So what really marks the start of summer break? I know that the public library already has its Summer Reading Bingo Cards available for printing and since we’re big readers, we’ll be doing that for the majority of the summer, along with playing card games and watching movies. 

Camping is open now, so we’ll be camping in the wilderness for a few days in July. Through it all, we will still find ways to stay healthy and fit as a family. We’ll continue to take evening walks together and my sisters and I will keep sweating it up in front of “Just Dance.”

I encourage everybody to find ways to still have fun even if summer plans are on hold. Tie-dying is always a fun thing to do with your family, I know my family did. The bonus is it doesn’t take very many supplies, just dye bottles, plain white T-shirts and white rubber bands. 

If you have a blender at home, making homemade smoothies and milkshakes is a delicious way to pass this quarantine summer. There’s nothing like a cold drink on a hot day. 

The weather hasn’t been very decent, but we spend the few sunny days we get outside, jumping on our trampoline or chasing our dogs for the frisbee. They really don’t understand the concept of bringing the ball back in fetch; we’ll have to teach them this summer!

I know that this summer might not be the same for most people but with the right friends (we are on phase 2 after all), you can find a way to make it one to remember.


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