The Northern Light: January 27-February 2, 2022



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  • Kickervillefarmer

    I know that the first response to my comment by some will be "property owners have the right". That is a valid argument, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the moral thing to do. I suspect that the reason the Kelley Koehn declined comment concerning the future of CJ's Beach House and associated properties purchased by the Rhino Development Group, LLC was that there were plans to do some things that would not be popular.

    Indeed, within a week of the news article in the Northern Light, a crew was cutting down perfectly healthy trees along the back of CJ's parking lot. The response when I asked if there was something wrong with the trees was the "no, they want to expand the parking". Among them were three long-time residents of Birch Bay, one of which the rings on the stump indicated it was about 84 years old when it died last week.

    Who, with any conscience, would end the lives of such stately living giants. Generations of folks in Birch Bay have passed by these trees. They are part of the landscape that enhances our experience of visiting and living in The Bay. In my opinion, whatever plans there were to expand the parking, these trees could have been incorporated into them. Now they are gone forever.

    People are talking about planting trees to help combat climate change while others are unnecessarily cutting down trees that are already doing the job of reducing carbon in the atmosphere at a rate far greater than young saplings.

    It broke my heart to see those trees go. I grew up in this neighborhood, visited The Bay with my family over the years and now, in retirement, have returned to live here. I know that some progress is good, but I don't understand how this is progress.

    Next, I suppose that the Sea Links golf course property will be developed into condominiums or some such thing. It, in my mind, should have been preserved as the greenspace that it has served the community so well over the past several decades since the golf course closed.

    Well, money rules and someone will get rich at the expense of the community and history of Birch Bay. Simply, "The Bay" to people who hold it dear to their hearts.

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