Research institute collecting stories from border towns during the U.S./Canada border closure


The Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI) has opened an online survey to gather input from people impacted by the U.S./Canada border closure during the pandemic. The survey will remain open until the end of February 2024.

Anyone residing in a U.S./Canada border town who was impacted during the pandemic border closure is encouraged to share their experience in the survey, said BPRI postdoctoral fellow Andréanne Bissonnette.

“This project is a way to gather those stories about how people were impacted and inform our research and provide tools for government officials about how border closures have impacted border communities,” Bissonnette said. “If we have to take that step in other public health emergencies, it will help mitigate the impacts on our communities.”

The responses will be mapped to show a visual representation of experiences in each border region, including overall similarities and place-based experiences. The survey responses will be part of larger research with Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. that examines equity of the U.S./Canada pandemic border measures.

The stories will be published anonymously on the BPRI website.

“It will be important to have this archive of stories, not forget what happened and have a concrete tool to better our policies,” Bissonnette said.

To participate in the survey, visit


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