Randy de Vries


 July 20, 1966-September 8, 2019

Randy was born in Maple Ridge, B.C. although, he was raised since a young boy and lived in Blaine his whole life.

Gifted with his carpentry skills and well known for his meticulous and thorough work ethic; Randy has had part in building over 50% of the housing for the Blaine community.

Those who knew Randy, would agree that trying to describe him as “easy-going”, is clearly an understatement.

His geniality was pure and was easily felt in his presence, which is what will be missed the most. His “rough-around edges” appearance was the ultimate disguise. The shirts (yes, shirts, plural) with holes in the armpits, and the classic, “rolled right out of bed” hair… That is the only way he would want to be remembered.

Friends and family use the term: “Randy Time,” since he does not wear a watch or even care to know the time. Allowing him to casually show up at the end of a social/family gathering and just start a whole new party of his own. (To be honest, those were the best ones, anyways)

He lived his life without following and living by “social norms.” Which is something that we all should learn from. Thank you Randy!

Come work, he will be remembered as a man of integrity. Who knew how to get the job done, right! He was an early riser and typically would not get home until after dark. Some might say he was a work-a-holic, but he found happiness in giving. Giving and putting his talent of carpentry, and making it his life-long career. 

Even in his off time, he would spend time with his daughter, Lili (age 11), working on their ‘plans’ for their tree house — which in reality, is every kids-dream-come-true. Basically, picture a custom built home (or “play house”), next to their actual home. Electrical, heating, and all. Yeah – Badass.

Lili commented that she always felt his love; through his patience to work with her and his warm presence. Lili is continuing his legacy by: “Living happy and loving who you are. Express yourself with no shame in whatever “weird” way is only truly YOU.”

His family and friends can honor Randy by living every day freely, doing what you love, enjoy those around you, and best of all – screw anyone who says otherwise.

 Randy is survived by his wife Genesis; daughters Kayla, Rachel, and Lili; sister Mary Ann; brother Sam; and his dog Mongo.

There will be a celebration of life on Saturday, September 28 at 2 p.m. at the Haynie Grange 3344 Haynie Road and will continue the party at The Wheel House Bar & Grill, 746 Peace Portal Drive at 7 p.m.


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