Letters to the Editor, December 3-9, 2020


The Editor:

I have been very disappointed recently with my own state senator (district 42), Doug Ericksen. Unlike my 42nd district representative, Republican Luanne Van Werven, who graciously accepted her loss to Alicia Rule, Ericksen continues to create doubt, paranoia and support conspiracy theories. He even criticized our vote-by-mail election system, which our Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman assures us is secure and a model for the rest of the country.

More recently, Ericksen participated in “The Great Whatcom County Turkey Day Rebellion” where he, along with many others, flaunted state mask and physical distancing recommendations, minimizing the health risks to our country from Covid-19, and making it a political issue instead of a health issue.

I suggest that Ericksen spend more energy helping to fight Covid-19, so that both our health, and our economy, can get back on track again rather than to continue to spread conspiracy theories, further damaging our fragile democracy.

D. Brady Green



The Editor:

Re: The Northern Light November 25 issue. Pedestrian killed in Birch Bay Lynden Road Accident. Note that both pedestrian and truck were on east side of the road. The pedestrian was killed because he broke the law.

RCW 46.61.250 (2) Pedestrians On Roadways (2). “Where sidewalks are not provided, any pedestrian walking or otherwise moving along and upon a highway …, shall, when practical, shall walk or move only on the left side of the roadway or its shoulder facing traffic which may approach from the opposite direction and upon meeting an oncoming vehicle shall move clear of the roadway.” Unfortunately, many people walk on the right with their back to traffic as bikes do, and are hit by vehicles they can’t see behind them resulting in serious injuries or death.

Some insurance companies may not pay the victims since they broke the law by not walking on left-facing traffic. I’m a runner and still running at 85-years-old because I run on the left facing traffic. To me it’s a no brainer – I want to see what could kill me.

The media needs to save lives and educate all about this law. Your news article was the perfect time to do this using this example. Most states have this law. Apparently, the media doesn’t care about saving lives since they seldom mention the law in these situations. They should get information whether the victim was facing traffic as the law requires (most victims were not).

Please forward this to Doug Dahl so he can help educate all about this law and save some lives.

Don Clark



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