Letters to the Editor: August 29-September 4, 2019


The Editor:

The Friends of the Blaine Library hosted an information table with free books and kids’ prizes at Drayton Harbor Days, which took place on August 3 and 4.

Library hero Jeff (sorry, Jeff, I don’t know your last name) raised our canopy and took it down at the end of the event. Thanks, Jeff.

We spent Saturday and Sunday telling folks about our plans for a redeveloped library in Blaine.

We met many friendly people and created lots of interest in the future Blaine library.

Please get in touch with the Blaine library and provide your contact information to stay apprised of future developments.

Clare Nurre



The Editor:

It was great news to read that Family Care Network wants to build a clinic in Blaine for so many intelligent reasons. A bright, well-designed building at the entrance of Blaine will be so much more attractive than just another warehouse. It would be an incredible boon to our community.

Richard Mollette



The Editor:

Oh, the annual Northwest Washington Fair! People gather by the thousands for a week of rides, games, food and animals. This is the very definition of absolute joy. And this is all it should be ... right?

I went to the fair recently, expecting it to be completely delightful. While I did have a great time, the sad truth is that I left feeling offended. I saw shirts and hats with stick figures urinating and flipping off other political figures while walking past the souvenir tent. It was vulgar and unexpected.

I know that every citizen has the right to free speech in America. But with freedom comes responsibility, and I think that because of its own political bias, the Northwest Washington Fair planning committee overlooked its moral responsibility to children everywhere. Actually, to everyone. After all, I saw the adults who accompanied me (I am 11 years old) shaking their heads in disappointment.

Hundreds of small and middle school-aged children love to hang out at the fair. Does the Northwest Washington Fair really want children to go home confused about adult behavior, thinking it’s okay to repeat such things?

I watched adults hand out anti-abortion stickers to young children, who couldn’t even fathom what they meant.

Don’t get me wrong here – I love the fair. But honestly, this is deeply aggravating, and I hope that this shines some light on the fact that fairs are meant for families with children. They are not meant for people to push their political views. And certainly not in such a disrespectful, antagonistic way.

Lily Kerlin



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