Letters to the Editor: August 22-28, 2019


The Editor:

Let’s call what is going on in our country as white supremacy what it really is – ethnic cleansing! It is not that Caucasians should be number one, but rather the only ones. Pick on the kids, the poor, the old and, best of all, the mentally ill. “It ain’t guns, but the people pulling the trigger” is what the new sages have to offer. “Just fix our mental health system.”

If we cured or disposed of all the mentally ill citizens, we would still have the same violence. Mainly because the mentally ill are not the ones firing the weapons, as study after study shows. Those who do these things are clearly not normal and are deranged, but I have yet to hear the diagnosis for a bunch of adult men putting sheets over their heads to terrorize and destroy people and their property. Not normal; praise God! Are evil or irrational acts of violence now to be called a disease?

What once seemed isolated events now appear in wave after wave across the board – whether different religions, professions, public places – the focus are victims who are not completely white. Reporters who tell the story are singled out as enemies and, even then, it is the dark-skinned reporters most at risk. Even duly elected Congresswomen are insulted with racial remarks in public by our own President.

When Berlin was the artistic and intellectual center of Europe, Hitler and his goons were more of a joke to the Germans than Trump ever was to the elites in 2016. By the time the “solid white” Germans woke up to what was happening, it was too late for any choice except to die with the underclasses or participate in a very ugly reality.

Rather than spending our talents and time picking out the blameworthy and insisting only on one way to solve the problem (our own way), it is time to drop the self-righteous arrogance of both extremes, that each has the only right answers every time. Rather than fighting among ourselves to take the better path, we need to stop and decide together who it is we do not want to be, and work from there to be sure that we do not become so ugly as we seek a better way.

Sharon L. Robinson



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