City entered into severance agreement with Schubert

By Jami Makan

The city of Blaine entered into a severance agreement with former police chief Allen Schubert, whereby Schubert was paid 90 days’ salary in exchange for releasing all claims, known and unknown, against the city.

The agreement was signed in order to end the employment relationship “in an orderly and fair manner,” according to a copy of the agreement provided to The Northern Light in response to a public records request.

“You [Allen Schubert] hereby fully and forever release and discharge the city … from any and all claims arising out of your employment with the city or your separation from employment with the city,” the severance agreement reads in part.

According to the severance agreement, Schubert had no known claims against the city at the time of his departure.

The agreement was signed on February 4 by Schubert and city manager Michael Jones.

Schubert’s salary as police chief was $9,417 monthly. Of the approximately $28,000 in severance that was paid to Schubert upon his departure, 50 percent was paid by the city’s risk management provider, Clear Risk Solutions.

Notably, the agreement provided a standard response to be provided “in response to any queries regarding Schubert’s separation from employment.”

That statement, Exhibit A in the agreement, reads as follows: “Allen Schubert has decided to return to the Los Angeles Police Department and resign from his position as the Police Chief for the City of Blaine. During his tenure with Blaine, he ... contributed to building a positive police/community relationship. We wish to thank him for that service and wish him the best.”

When contacted by The Northern Light, Schubert declined to comment any further. “I really enjoyed working for the city and working for the citizens of Blaine,” he said. “But I will not comment on this matter any further, and the city is not allowed to comment on it any further.”

Reached by The Northern Light, city manager Michael Jones also declined to offer any further details on Schubert’s resignation. “The severance agreement limits my comments to those which you already have,” he said.


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