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I was talking to a friend who lives in a trailer park.

He brought up some very important points.

What are the bylaws of the park?

Was anthing shown to the city council for tenants rights.

If the Jansen's deside to sell. Will the new owners have to fallow the old bylaws?

Does the CIty have to aprove the sale?

If the Jansen's deside to let the bank take over and walk away. What is going to happen to the tenants?

Going back to my earlier letter. If the tenant finds that they cant pay the space rent do to something unforssen comes up and cant pay.

How many days do they have before the park takes the mobel home and evicts the tenant and sells the trailer.

Will the City of Blaine have to take over and flip the bill?

Jansen's need to come up with alot of answers before anything is aproved.

From: City council reaffirms six-month manufactured home park moratorium

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