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Mobile Homes on rented lots are not afforded the same protections as mobile homes on land. You can be evicted for one missed lot rental payment, often with the home becoming property of the park. Once the homes are set--it's all but impossible to move them too, which equates to income sensitive owners put out on the street when costs go up or having to choose between lot rental and necessities. Consumer agencies have identified mobile home lenders/loans as predatory.

City Council seems too have amnesia from meetings past; it's the flavor of the day. Higgins is the only one with a backbone. I usually listen to the city council recordings afterward and I'm not impressed by the judgements they pass when they think no-one is in the room. Public office continues to be influenced by pandering to those with means instead of doing what's best for the community.

From: City council reaffirms six-month manufactured home park moratorium

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