Letters to the Editor, September 17-23, 2020


The Editor:

I am voicing my frustration. It is a mandate to wear a mask, meaning recommended and not a law. It is recognized that some people cannot wear a mask. I happen to be one of those. When I am feeling well enough, I do try to wear a mask and can usually get in and out of a grocery store if I am only picking up a couple things but it takes at least two hours to recover.

I am so angry with businesses who refuse me without a mask. It is making life difficult and unpleasant. Starbucks refused to let me order and wait outside, and today Cost Cutter refused to check me out without me putting on a mask – I had already got my three items but she refused me my human dignity.

So much for nice community values. I will not go back to Cost Cutter. What has happened to compassion, common sense and helping people out? I don’t want to ask someone to shop for me – that’s stupid.

Jacque Dunn



The Editor:

I noticed that not much attention has been given to the candidates for the two positions in the legislature from District 42. Alicia Rule (D) is running against the incumbent Luanne Van Werven (R) for Position 1 and the incumbent Sharon Shewmake (D) is being challenged by Jennifer Sefzik (R) for Position 2. I offer some thoughts regarding the candidate’s qualifications.

Alicia Rule is presently a member of the Blaine City Council. She has worked to improve the opportunities for small businesses in Blaine. Her priorities are affordable housing and living-wage jobs which are both in short supply in
Whatcom County.

Luanne Van Werven lives in Lynden. She has stated that she opposes “job-killing taxes and needless regulation.” She serves on the following [state] committees: higher education; transportation; information, technology and economic development. In 2018, she sponsored HB 1775 which would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks of gestation. Her rating from the Washington Conservation Voters is 17 percent.

Sharon Shewmake is a Professor of economics and energy policy at Western Washington University and has a Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics. She serves on the following committees: energy and environment; transportation and is vice chair of the rural development, agriculture and natural resources committee. Her goals are bringing down the cost of childcare, improving the economics of energy and service to the agriculture industry.

Jennifer Sefzik was a small business owner. She has no prior government experience. She supports the Second Amendment, property rights, the right to life and opposes tax increases and sex education in the schools. She accuses her opponent of voting like a “Seattle extremist” rather than supporting Whatcom County’s interests. There is no evidence offered that this is true.

William McNally



The Editor:

I’ve been reading the Letters to the Editor column in The Northern Light for the last few months and what has become very clear is that we are now a divided country. Democrats and Republicans cannot find common ground. The days of respectful disagreement, of listening, of open and honest dialog are gone. There is no coming together for the sake of our country. Republicans have their facts and Democrats have theirs. We will never convince each other of the error of our ways. We really don’t like each other.

What is also clear is that the morning after the election, 50 percent of the population will hate whoever is elected president. For some, there will be happiness, and others, there will be anger and grief.

We have less than seven weeks until the election and in this time, I would love for The Northern Light to stop printing political letters. People writing in, beating their own particular political drum, is a waste of time. No one is listening, no one cares about your opinion. No one will change their minds. The die is cast. We are divided.

Donna Wendt



The Editor:

For those who think that liberals are misinformed, it is true. Liberals have been misinformed; and so have you and by design. Trump’s entire administration has been designed to create a stream of chaotic lies and disruptive off putting to our way of governing. By allowing Trump to take office, we gave the most dishonorable man living the honor of governing the United States of America. The devastation caused by that choice is clearly overwhelming at this point in time for all to see.

Those who did not vote for Trump knew who and what he is and will not vote for him in the 2020 election. The Trump supporters who voted for him the first time in 2016 probably weren’t sure he would be as bad and contemptible as he has shown himself to be. But, surely, there can’t be any doubt as to the incompetency and depravity of him now.

So, those planning to vote to keep Trump in office, your action can only be deemed complicit with that of Trump’s policies. A vote for Trump is a vote is a vote against our democracy and all of our futures.

Linda Peterson



The Editor:

This past week, Bob Woodward’s interviews with President Donald Trump were revealed. In Trump’s own words on February 7, the President knew the dangers of Covid-19 were five times greater than the flu. He played down the danger of Covid-19 and lied to the nation by saying the flu was more dangerous. The U.S. is now approaching 200,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

The president’s excuse for misleading us was he didn’t want to create a panic. That is another big lie. Trump tried to create panic and fear in the wake of civil unrest this summer by claiming that rioters and thugs will overwhelm suburban communities. He tried to project his failures on his opponent, Joe Biden. We must remember this Trump’s America and the unrest is happening on his watch.

If we want this pandemic to end, rebuild our economy and move toward a more just society, we must have a leader who will tell us the truth and listen to facts and science. That leader is Joe Biden. Please let your voice be heard and vote.

Layne Boyce



The Editor:

The USPS postcard you just received has it wrong for Washington state: If you are a registered Washington state voter, you don’t need to request an absentee ballot. It will be sent to you.

Go online now to votewa.gov to register or make sure your information is current. Notice how your name is listed in the voter rolls; that’s how you’ll sign your ballot envelope.

Ballots will be mailed October 14. If yours hasn’t arrived by October 21, call our county auditor at 360/778-5100 or print a replacement ballot at votewa.gov.

Vote your ballot all the way down. Our crucial local races can be decided by just a few votes.

Complete and return your ballot promptly. Don’t contribute to the last-minute rush.

Mail your ballot early; no postage stamp required. Or use a ballot drop box (see whatcomcounty.us/1863/ballot-drop-box-locations).

Don’t waste your vote. Remember to sign your ballot envelope correctly and don’t be late.

You can make sure your ballot was received and accepted. A week after you return your ballot, go online to votewa.gov to check your ballot status. Any problem, call the county auditor.

Remember, election night returns will be preliminary. With so many mail-in ballots, prepare for election week. Or longer. Be patient and wait for complete and accurate results.

Myra Ramos

Lummi Island


The Editor:

Our state merits better representation in both Olympia and Washington D.C. We need public officials who lead with character and humility. Among the many candidates running for political office in November 2020, the Republican Party has some who are especially principled.

Jennifer Sefzik for state representative and Luanne Van Werven for re-election as state representative are two such candidates in the 42nd District. Both of these leaders understand the need to create jobs and help families. They support law enforcement and seek to create unity. They consider state representative a full-time job, unlike their opponents. On the national level, I believe that Jeffrey Beeler would be an excellent choice for Congressional District 1. Likewise, Timothy S. Hazelo for Congressional District 2.

Additionally, our state needs an Attorney General who will serve the people and honor the law – not his personal agenda. That describes Matt Larkin.

The Democrat-controlled state legislature established a budget for the new biennium, with projected spending increases totaled approximately $8 billion, or nearly 15 percent.

At a time when so many families are struggling, increasing taxes will not help anyone recover. If the past 40 years of Democrat single-party control have taught us anything, it is that you cannot tax your way to prosperity. Now, more than ever, we need to take a stand for our state and elect these and otherwise Republican leaders this November.

Ralph L Myers


Editor’s note: the statement regarding 40 years of single-party control of the state legislature is incorrect. Since 1992, there has been 13 years with a split legislature, 14 years with Democrat control of both houses, two years of Republican control and three yeras with no house majority.


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