Letters to the Editor, November 12-18, 2020


The Editor and Blaine residents:

Have you visited the new Living Pantry on Peace Portal? My husband and I are delighted with this new store. They offer herbs and spices, skin lotions, shampoos, conditioners, liquid body soaps, dish soaps, oils, vinegars and honeys, all of which will be filled for you into your own clean jars, and oatmeal, flours, sugars, nuts, coffees and many other items in bulk, which will be dispensed into paper bags.

Recycling is good, but re-using is even better. I enjoy not having a tub full of plastic and glass bottles for my dear husband to carry out to the sidewalk every other week.

As soon as I have used up my current laundry liquid – in its big plastic container, I am planning to switch to their laundry soap pods – and will never have to recycle another hefty detergent jug. Welcome, Living Pantry. Thank you for giving each of us a means to simplify our lives and to do our bit to heal Earth.

Angela Garvey



The Editor:

The holidays are coming. It makes me think with the pandemic bearing on all of us in one form or another, I would like to remind everyone that between now and January 2, 2021, we will be bringing a lot of recyclables into our households and to spend a few extra minutes, if needed, sorting and separating as to recycle everything we can.

In addition, with the holidays coming upon us, I suggest people don’t get in a hurry, take your time. Also, plan ahead if you can. Last minute planning could create last minute mistakes. Try to be extra focused on fraud and theft, above all on the road driving as I’ve noticed in previous months of the pandemic a percentage of drivers don’t seem to be as focused as they should. Let’s be courteous to our fellow drivers on the road and in parking lots. Don’t let your frustration, aggravation get to you. It’s not worth a fender bender, or worse. Also, be attentive to the number of pedestrians and bicyclists that will be out at this time of the year.

It’s going to be a very different holiday season for all of us. Please wear your mask, sanitize your hands, try to give your friends and neighbors moral support if you think they need it. Let’s watch out for each other. Let’s make this holiday season safe as possible for everyone.

Mark Knott



The Editor:

In July, the San Francisco Bay area helped California reach Covid-19 levels second only to New York. Today the same area is down to a 0.8 virus level and open for business and jobs. How did they do it? In late July they passed masking requirements, fines for not covering and total lockdowns. As of August 21, cases started going down.

Masks work. We are a consumer society, we need money to spend, jobs to produce what we want, entertainment, travel, donations and tithes for our churches.

If you don’t care about the essential workers that make safety and convenience for all of us, wear a mask to save money spent on hospital care for the uninsured and the PPE required. If you don’t care about your neighbors, help keep our national debt from exploding as employment and businesses implode. If you don’t want to feel your liberty is challenged, make it possible to get back to work, travel and the recreation we want and need for mental and physical health.

Tired of this pandemic? It will not go away, but we can manage it and get back to a new normal. Commit to total masking, cleaning and spacing – at least two months of total attention to combating the spread. We can do this, together.

Donna Starr




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