Letters to the Editor: March 18-24, 2021


The Editor:

Since Covid-19, I have been hooked on Netflix. But recently I have discovered a book “Blood on a Blue Moon” written by a local writer Jessica Stone.

Netflix is now on the backburner. Wow. I can’t put the book down. If you want excitement, entertainment and suspense “Blood on a Blue Moon” is the answer.

Encourage our local writer and happy reading.

Jocelyne Harsch



The Editor:

Our state revenues have never kept up with our needs, and now, our recovery from Covid-19 demands even more to take care of our working families and small businesses, the foundations of our society.

That’s because Washington’s upside-down tax code is working exactly as it was designed by our shortsighted populist forefathers: Our lowest-income neighbors pay 17 percent of their income into state and local taxes while the wealthy few pay just 3 percent. This disparity has caused most of the societal issues we are facing in Washington state today: Lack of affordable housing, lack of family-wage jobs, disappearing jobs market for our graduating youth (with or without a college degree) and the rapidly widening gap between the haves and have-nots.

Although there have been more progressive revenue solutions pushed forward this legislative session than in any recent memory, we want to ensure that this isn’t just a one-time math problem solution in our budget but about righting the wrongs in our tax code.

Please notify your legislators that it’s time to live up to the promises they made with voters: To put people first, and ensure that all Washingtonians have what they need to live healthy, happy lives.

Jim Bloss



The Editor:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

I cannot change my opinion that Biden was inaugurated into the White House instead of being legally elected.

I cannot change that we now define people by the color of their skin instead of their uniqueness. Didn’t Biden promise unity for all and yet we are more divided now than ever?

I cannot change that I was born white and now I’m told the color of my skin is a privilege.

I cannot change the paralyzing fear that the media continues to broadcast over this yearlong virus.

I cannot alleviate the sadness of countless Keystone XL Pipeline jobs suddenly lost and businesses destroyed simply with the stroke of Biden’s pen.

I cannot comprehend the money in the Covid-19 relief bill being sent to failed democratic states, foreign countries and special interest groups while our citizens are trying to make ends meet. Can you imagine the debt our children will pay?

I cannot equate the health and safely of U.S. citizens with those of illegals entering America through the unlocked backyards of our southern border without health requirements or proper vetting.

I cannot understand the administration’s lack of respect for our freedoms, when my dad and thousands of other American soldiers spent years as prisoners of war in foreign lands fighting for our freedoms!

I cannot help but feel that this administration is leading us to the edge of the dangerous slippery slope of complete government control.

I can stand up against bullying to accept a Marxist movement that singles out one group of Americans over another. We are all created equal in the eyes of God.

I can, however, pray each day for America and the freedoms our Constitution set forth for us.

I can also voice my opinion in this letter and hope that there are others who feel the same and will fight for America!

Anne Freeman

Birch Bay

(Publisher’s note: To quote Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Despite numerous court cases, three of which went all the way to the Supreme Court, no court in the land found merit in any of Trump’s claims that there was significant and widespread election fraud. The fact is, Joe Biden was legally and fairly elected as President of the U.S.)


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