Letters to the Editor, January 28-February 3, 2021


The Editor:

Promoting the well discounted lies of Donald Trump, who fired up an attack on our capital, 143 members of Congress actively parroted his lies that attempted to disrupt validation of the legitimate democratic election of President Joe Biden. This is a crime against our country.

These rogue elected members have revealed themselves as enemies of our democracy. Their action verified the underlying intent of the Republican power structure: to impose a dictatorship. Yes, elections do not always coincide with our personal preferences, but, like in 2016, it was accepted and America continued support of our government.

In consideration of this criminal actions of congressional representatives we must convene a “House Committee on Un-American Activities” to prosecute and remove these dangerous charlatans. They have stained the Constitution; they have defiled the Republican Party.

These deviant congressional signers are truly dangerous, as they have actively sought to subvert and destroy the constitutional foundation of our country. The greatest danger America and President Joe Biden face is from within.

Don Starr



The Editor:

Now that the country has been sucked into a Democrat total destruction vortex I have been thinking about a solution and have decided … that I should be king; king of everything, preferably. Then I could clean up this mess in a hurry.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of Solomon, son of David. He was a mighty king and he made good history, too. They wrote books about him and he came off pretty well, overall. He did slip a little at the end, but women will do that to you, which gets me thinking about how my history would be written. I can just imagine it:

And it came to pass upon a time that King Dan, having finished with his dinner, lifted up his face and declared, “I shall have four cookies for dessert tonight! I have spoken!”

Then his wife shaketh her head and sayeth unto him, “Thou shalt have two, and only if thou finisheth thy vegetables.”

The King’s brow darkened and his countenance fell, but he rose up in his righteous anger and in his eyes were flashes of lightning and his voice was like thunder “Woman! Speakest thou thus to me? Knowest thou not that I am King? Lord and master of …”

But his wife interrupteth him saying, “Cease thy complaining or thou shalt have no cookies at all!” and so the King finished his vegetables and ate his two cookies in silence but he getteth no joy from them for his heart was greatly troubled and full of woe … and I only have one wife; Solomon had a thousand. But where was I? Oh yes, total destruction … Hmmm, but maybe socialism and communism aren’t so bad. Just look at China and Cuba and North Korea and Venezuela. They’re happy places, right? I wonder if they even have cookies in Venezuela. They probably do, but only for Maduro. And so, I suppose that is the solution. Get to the top as fast as you can and by whatever means possible, because that’s where the cookies are.

Dan Rudolph



The Editor:

In the late 1950s, most Saturday mornings would find me, like most of my friends, sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite kid shows and cartoons. There were some good ones; Tom and Jerry, Sky King, Lassie, but my all-time favorite was Superman.

There he would be, in glorious black and white, baggy leotards with a cape waving behind him. Superman, he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and, of course, he was able to leap tall building in a single bound, and he was fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way.

At that age, I may not have known what all that meant, but it sounded so right, it made you feel so safe, so secure – it just had to be important. 

Over the years, the American Way has dimmed in my memory, but the warm glow will still return for a moment when I hear the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Now, here I am, a whole bunch of years later and when I see an old rerun on TV, I want to recapture that delightful warm fuzzy sensation that came with the simple stirring phrase “the American Way.” In recent years, the American Way has become further blurred by the chaos and turmoil that has gripped our nation. Increasing swiftly till finally exploding on the steps and in the halls of our nation’s capital.

I must believe that it shocked most, if not all, of us. How did we arrive at this terrible place, that cannot possibly be us, not the bigotry, prejudice, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, racism, hate, suspicion and fear we saw, that’s not the American Way.

Yesterday our new President challenged us to work together – all Americans, regardless of our race, religion, age or party affiliation to redefine a new and improved American Way that may give our grandchildren that shiver at the back of their neck that I experienced so long ago. Through understanding, tolerance, patience and respect, we can achieve this together and make Superman proud.

Lee C. Bravener



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