Letters to the Editor, January 21-27, 2021


The Editor:

The letters to the editor in the January 14 edition of The Northern Light proved that there is free speech in America.

It is also healthy to allow and state a difference of opinion. It was disappointing, however, to read the vitriol in the letters, and realize that our wonderful community paper is now allowing letters with such levels of negativity and disdain for our local citizens with differing political positions.

The letters included generalized accusations and labels that are offensive and sought to divide us. Is that what the intentions of letters to the editor have become? People are hurting from many sources and engaging in painful speech does not help heal our friends and neighbors. My hope is that letter writers will recognize the freedom of speech dosed with civility and respect and follow the paper’s ‘Letters Policy.’

Susan Werner



The Editor:

No surprise on the sheriff’s department, when I called down there the deputy I talked to actually argued with me, his viewpoint was masks are not effective in controling the spread of Covid-19.

Patrick Fitzsimmons



The Editor:

Birch Bay and Blaine Scout Troops and Cub Pack say thank you to our community for your support of our Tree & Wreath Sale and Tree Pick-Up fundraisers. Please recognize our sponsors including Birch Bay Waterslides, Greg Kendall Tree Services, Get SimpleBox, Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 and The Northern Light newspaper for its article on proper tree disposal and promotion of our fund raisers. Donations can be sent to BSA Troop 4025, 862 Portal Way Drive, #119, Blaine, WA, 98230.

Funds pay for all participants’ registration and insurance fees for the year and activities including paddle boarding and kayaking during summers, hiking and camping in our beautiful state and this winter: snow shoeing for a Covid-safe activity. If interested in finding out more about the boys’ and girls’ troops, please call Kent at 360/510-2688.

Laura Macaulay



The Editor:

We were disappointed in several letters to the editor written in the Jan 14 edition of The Northern Light. We have been told in the past that The Northern Light has a policy of not publishing views that are not substantiated by citations from an unbiased source, such as academic research or government documents. We would be curious to find out what unbiased sources, academic research or government documents have declared that “your actions (Republicans), your hatred, racist actions, your misogyny are laid bare. You can no longer wave the flag from an area of this country you have not even visited, without the rest of the country knowing and identifying your racist motive.”

All three letters carry this vitriolic tone. When conservatives write into the paper, we are told our content is not acceptable for the above referenced reason. This is not free speech; it is dividing the country and will not heal until the press in our country presents people’s thoughts on a fair, equal and safe basis. The censorship that has already started in this country against conservatives (i.e. censorship of Parler and conservatives on Facebook and Twitter) is frightening.

Please consider your own rules of engagement when publishing offensive messages from either side. God Bless America and the Constitution of the United States.

John and Barbara Sturdivant



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