Letters to the Editor, January 14-20, 2021


The Editor:

Thank you, Lynden Tribune, Joel Douglas and Gerald Hulbert for informing citizens so eloquently on pages A4 and A5 on January 6. Had the President ordered the testing and manufacturing of scientifically approved Covid-19 masks and required their use as expeditiously as he ordered Operation Warp Speed for vaccines, we would not currently be matching the death toll of the historical Bataan Death March every other day.

As we approach the death tolls of 9/11 and the Bataan Death March each day, perhaps we should acknowledge that decisions based on ego rather than science have left this county bereft and torn. 

It is time to mend, repair and love all we have lost, moving forward peaceably and with clear eyes and hearts.

Donna Starr



The Editor:

The week of January 3-9 will not and should not be forgotten by Americans. After four-plus years of clearly telling the country that he was a narcissistic sociopath, Donald Trump finally demonstrated this by his explicit instructions for his followers to commit domestic terrorism by storming the U.S. Capitol. Like lemmings, in doing so his followers threatened duly elected legislators, legislative staff and security personnel. This was sedition and treason. Trump must be held accountable for these actions as must his political allies, including his children Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks and the other representatives and senators who aided and abetted him in this disgusting episode of our history. He must not be allowed to do so again.

Though clothed in the notion of protected free speech, Trump and his cronies have indirectly and directly promoted sedition and treason – criminal acts – from the very beginning of his campaigning for the presidency in 2015. They have done this in part by repeating lie after lie and, as Kellyanne Conway said, believing alternative facts.

Joe Biden has said that our democracy needs a strong Republican Party to be in opposition. I agree that democracy needs at least two political parties to balance views, but no political party with Trump as its leader serves that function.

The Republican Party under Trump has proven itself to be autocratic, based on lies, mean spirited and to be completely untethered to normal political processes and discourse. This process began decades ago under Ronald Reagan, amplified by the likes of Newt Gingrich and has been brought to this ignominious state by Trump.

If it is to survive, the Republican party must rebuke Trump and everything he stands for. Trump supporters who call themselves patriots are telling another lie because one cannot be a patriot and support a despot like Trump. 

Michael Tomlinson



The Editor:

We will soon have a new president. While I feel bad for you whose candidate didn’t win the election, which has been certified throughout the nation, I will in no way apologize for my having backed the winner. Soon, Trump will no longer be in office, and he cannot protect you and your actions. Your hatred, racist actions, your misogyny are laid bare. You can no longer wave the flag from an area of this country I’m sure you have not even visited, without the rest of the country knowing and identifying your racist motive. You are now seen and you must own your actions to be those of a hater. You will have no one to hide behind, no one to spur you on. And don’t tell me hate is ever right or God’s will; these are wheels we put in motion ourselves.

As for those of you who agree with the seditious actions of your elected officials to overturn the results of the election, get over yourselves. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution states, in part; “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress who, having taken an oath to support the Constitution of these United States has engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same.”

The people you support are committing sedition, and should not hold the seats in the government whose Constitution they are trying to destroy. The incoming representatives should not have been seated, and the senators willing to undo the Constitution should lose their seats and all the privileges thereof.

As you support these officials, who are acting only in an effort to delegitimize the governance of the incoming president, then you, my patriot friends, are seditious as well. You will in the future be looked upon as such.

Gary Meader



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