Letters to the Editor, February 11-17, 2021


The Editor:

Regarding your recent story involving the possible city annexation of land near H Street.

The recent request for annexation is driven by a local property owner to develop property at the bottom of the hill on Harborview Drive, which is off the H Street hill (Cedar Crest). This is for personal gain – not personal use.

Annexation should first be a tool to incorporate a large or larger area into the city for the benefit of the city and those properties being annexed in, not for the personal gain (profit) of just one property owner.

Although I am not opposed to annexation, the annexation process should be used for the expansion of services for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Spot zoning for the financial gain of one property owner is not in the realm of the annexation process.

The zoning and density change (number of houses allowed per acre could increase up to 6 houses per acre depending on the property characteristics). The property at the base of the hill on Harborview Road could potentially allow for up to 19 residential homes or a mixed use of apartments, multi-units or even
commercial uses.

The potential zoning and density change also allows for accessory dwelling units and/or single accessory apartments. This could allow for up to 30 or more living units.

Traffic to those homes or apartments would come off H Street on Crest Drive and then down Harborview Drive. The potential widening of Harborview Drive would be a major concern to accommodate the additional traffic.

Because the annexation would only take the property at the end of Harborview Drive into the city, any potential costs for road improvements would most likely be born by the property owners along Crest View and Harborview Drive.

The article in The Northern Light seems innocuous, but this is for a commercial housing development.

The planning meeting is set for February 22 with the city of Blaine to move this forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the city planning department at 360/332-8311, and make your voices heard at city council.

Raymond J. Pelletti


(Ed note: Mr. Pelletti’s property is also subject for annexation if the H Street property is annexed. He has voiced opposition to the city in recent years about potential annexation. Any change in zoning would need to go through the city’s planning process.)


The Editor:

If you have ever wondered if our voting system in Whatcom County is secure, you can rest assured. I have listened to Diana Bradrick, our county auditor, on two different occasions. Ms. Bradrick addressed our local voting processes to a small group of interested friends and again I heard her speak on October 16, 2020 for the City Club of Bellingham. You can listen to her as she outlines the security that is in place in our county and in our state. It is very reassuring to have her confirm what measures are in practice (BellinghamCityClub.org, search for Diana Bradrick). This is an hour long listening presentation for anyone to hear. I have taken notes on this session and compiled nearly two pages of useful, interesting information.

There may be rumors you have heard about voter fraud. Once you listen and educate yourself, you will be able to refute those rumors and know that voter fraud is one less worry we have here in Whatcom County.

Naomi Murphy



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