Shirley Yvonne Edmondson

December 28, 1935 – May 4, 2019

Born in Topeka Kansas then moved West, she quickly adapted to becoming a California girl at a young age. Later moving throughout the West Coast into British Columbia and Alberta before returning to Whatcom County in the mid 70s. Calling Blaine home summer of 1976.

Interests included her love of horses and dogs through her younger life. Fond memory of her in a blue and white plaid shirt, white shorts and cowboy boots riding her horse. Various arts and crafts seemed to follow her always. Loved music and played it loud. Devotion was an incredible blessing throughout her life. Shortly before she lost the privilege of travel, she was lucky enough to visit England and Hawaii. Favorite places were warm beaches and mountains. She loved her bubble baths, massage, air adorned with stylish hats, nails painted and make-up just right.

She made many friends throughout her life. Being a preacher’s wife, a mom and hairdresser allowed her to meet many people who she loved. Kissing their hands to let them know just how much when she was unable to use her voice.

Shirley was 43 what she became one of if not the longest resident at Stafholt Good Samaritan Center. Joining their family in 1979 then returning March of 1988. She liked to think she was in charge quite often. Making sure lights were off and doors were closed. She had her job to do and she did it well. Shirley will be missed.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to Stafholt Good Samaritan Center.

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