Meet the new division chief and fire marshal

North Whatcom Fire and Rescue (NWFR) will host a community meet and greet to welcome new division chief and fire marshal Herschel Rostov.

The open house-style event will take place at Odell Station 61, 9408 Odell Street from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, April 29.

Rostov joins NWFR from the Mercer Island Fire Department. He started as a firefighter there in 1996. He spent the last four years as the fire marshal, and 15 years before that as the assistant fire marshal.

Prior to 1996, Rostov was a volunteer firefighter for four years with King County Fire District 20, located between Renton and Tukwila in Seattle.

Born in Seattle, Rostov is moving to Whatcom County from Whidbey Island. In addition to his duties with the Mercer Island Fire Department, Rostov has also volunteered as a captain with South Whidbey Fire and EMS since 2012.

“It’s amazing to be joining a department that has an eye towards fire prevention, and it’s nice to see the foresight that the department has to be looking at moving in that direction,” said Rostov.

“[NWFR] is putting lots of resources into being preventative and trying to provide safety by hiring this position, so I’m excited about being able to take on this role.”

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