Letters to the Editor: May 9-15

The Editor:

I wrote “Like A Flower” almost 17 years ago. I wrote this story for all the children and youth who have spent time in juvenile detention. And I am submitting it today, specifically for the Blaine Police Department.

“Like a Flower”

“Suppose someone grew a flower in their garden. It was a sun-loving flower, but it was planted in the shade. Also, the soil was very poor in nutrients. And on top of everything else, it was hardly ever watered. How did this flower grow? Crooked and twisted, trying to find the light. Its roots were shallow in the hard, dry soil. No sunshine shone upon its little face. Its flower became ugly. The person who tended this garden didn’t like the little flower because it wasn’t “beautiful” like all the rest. So it was transplanted to another spot as a “punishment” for not doing well. But not knowing what it needed, the little flower was planted under the same harsh conditions.

Finally, an angel came along and saw the poor, sad, little flower, its head hanging hopelessly down. The Angel knew just what the flower needed and lifting it gently and lovingly, cupping its poor struggling roots in its tender hands, planted the little flower in a beautiful warm sunny spot in the garden. The soil was rich and dark and moist with nutrients. And here the flower was watered as it needed. And every day the Angel came and showered the little flower with love. Its little face began to brighten, and slowly, slowly, day by day, it began to straighten itself out.

What happened to this little flower? It grew up to be the most beautiful and strongest flower in the garden, basking in the warm glow of the angel’s love and the sun’s light.”

Cindy Kisska

Birch Bay

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