Letters to the Editor: January 3-9

The Editor:

How unprofessional it was of chief Schubert to note “I will personally review this case with the responding officer to determine how this unsatisfactory resolution occurred” as mentioned in a December 10 police report in The Northern Light.

It would have been proper if the chief had spoken to the responding officer prior to adding his “Chief’s Note” to the blotter. Actually, it would have been proper if he didn’t mention anything at all to the public about his concern.

Before I retired as a Blaine police officer, there were times when dispatch was too busy to get the results back in a timely manner or the computer system was slow or down. An officer can only detain a person for a reasonable amount of time.

Shame on chief Schubert. The officers of the Blaine Police Department deserve a true team leader.

Tom Erickson

The Editor: 

The dark of the winter begins to lighten. Look at the 50-year-old picture of “Earthrise” and appreciate the earth we inhabit.

We live together, all children of humanity. Can we start the New Year with hope and a renewed understanding that the framers of our Constitution feared as unseemly the “veneration for wealth” above all else? Do some people really believe that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is only for some and not the product of political equality, not white or anyone else’s privilege?

Our forefathers did exclude women, Native Americans and slaves; does that make exclusion OK? Is what makes America great the idea that capital should work for people, rather than people work for capital? The feudal system is supposed to be long gone!

We can figure out ways to help our disenfranchised, left out, denied and ignored brothers, sisters and neighbors. Our history has created conditions trapping the poor, minorities, the less educated and unhealthy. Now we seem caught in a snare of fear of other hues of skin, different beliefs and traditions and the change in our national demography.

In the New Year, let us celebrate each other instead of things and power and become the nation of hope, promise and courage we can be, not made by stepping on others but lifting – together.

Donna Starr

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