Letters to the Editor: January 24-30

The Editor:

I am very happy to have a chief of police in Blaine of such high caliber. Coming from somewhere else myself, I welcome you to help add diversity to this small town. I look forward to witnessing all the positive changes you can make to Blaine. I appreciate the positive influence you show to the people of Blaine.

P.S. The open house event was great! Your videos demonstrating positive intent wakes me to your attention.

Welcome to Blaine, and thank you very much chief!

Steven Tojek

The Editor:

Once again Blaine City Council has rejected an offer to purchase and develop a substantial portion of the airport property.

In the past, the council has said “We don’t want another gas station” even though a gas station would be a source of taxes. They said that we do not want a truck stop, although we have an un-regulated truck stop parked along Ludwick Avenue as well as other city streets. They did say that they wanted a medical care facility, but in 11 years no medical care facility has come forward. Council has also said that they want a boutique hotel on the property, but there has been no motivation for a boutique hotel.

Now we have a company, Chewters Chocolates, who wants to move to Blaine. Chewters has indicated that they would include a tourist facility and retail store (more tax revenue) similar to that provided by Tillamook Creamery in Oregon. Has council considered that such a facility might encourage a hotel/motel company to build a facility to accommodate the tourists who are visiting Chewters?

Council has said it has been negotiating with Yorkston to move their current facility from its location at Boblett and Route 543 to the north end of the airport property which is, I believe, the two-acre property the city did not want to sell to Chewters. Is Blaine City Council more interested in coddling one of the “good ole boys” rather than doing something that would benefit the community as a whole?

In The Northern Light, it has been noted that Bay Medical Clinic in Blaine may close on March 31, (about 70 days from now). There is a lot of empty space in the Blaine International Center (probably better known as Cost Cutter). Maybe council might lobby the clinic to occupy some of that space which is already constructed and is pretty convenient. Also maybe some other property such as the Goff Store might be a good location. Parking is available behind that property and this would increase foot traffic in the downtown area.

Vernon Tabb

(Ed. Note: Blaine City Council voted to retain 2 acres at the north end of the Gateway Parcel for a project that provides a mix of services, adds a new service or amenity, offers well-paying jobs, creates substantial sales tax revenue and/or enhances the H Street commercial and state route 543 corridors. Its ongoing negotiations with Yorkston Oil Co., Inc. were not listed as an influence on their decision.)

The Editor: 

I crossed the border and stopped in Blaine to catch a bus back to Bellingham. Just two-three minutes before the bus arrived at my stop, I was greeted by a gentleman I thought was very young and handsome. He introduced himself the chief of police and he shook my hand then he offered me a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so he offered me tea. I thanked him and asked for a lid for my cup to take on the bus. I thanked him and in return he said, “Have a wonderful day” and returned to the police station. I was so honored to be greeted by the chief of police so early in the morning.

Rachael Kyung

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