Letters to the Editor: April 11-17

The Editor:

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring! Which is a welcome sight. It’s also the time when people think about the annual ritual of “spring cleaning.” We at the Blaine Clothing Bank love that you think of our neighbors who are in need of clean, decent clothing and bedding and we certainly appreciate your donations of these items.

But I would like to remind everyone that we are a place for people to get clothing and bed linens, towels, blankets and pillows. That’s what we give out and what we have room for.

Despite having signs telling what we can accept as donations and asking people to not leave things outside our building, we have been seeing things like dishes, appliances, furniture, car seats and just plain junk being left in our donation bin and often just outside our door where it has been rained on. There are many places that take these type of items: Value Village, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat Restore. Some places will even pick up items for you.

Our volunteers are very dedicated and work hard. Please don’t add to their workload by having to arrange to dispose of unwanted items. Thank you.

Jan Schlack, director


The Editor:

I would like to send a note of thanks to some wonderful people of Birch Bay/Blaine who came to my husband’s aid at the Chevron gas station on Monday, April 1. He was changing his flat tire in the parking lot of the gas station when he fell backwards while tugging on the lug nut on his wheel. When it gave way, he fell backwards hitting his head on the pavement and knocking himself out.

A kind lady saw him lying there, called an ambulance and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived. So thank you for helping him and your kindness is appreciated. You were gone by the time I arrived, so I couldn’t thank you in person.

When I went into the gas station, the clerk said we could leave our car there until we could come and change the tire and pick it up. So thanks to the clerk for taking care of that.

A gentleman, who was a customer in the gas station, overheard my conversation and stepped up and offered to change the tire for us. Thank you so much for changing the tire. I forgot your name, sorry. I offered to pay you, but you said no and you didn’t mind helping. You told me to pay it forward! We will for sure.

Thank you to the paramedics who attended my husband. You took the anxiety away and patched him up for the trip across the border. What a wonderful community you are, Blaine!

Update! My husband got four stitches to his head and is recovering just fine.

Caroline Craddock

Surrey, B.C.

The Editor:

Further to your hard-hitting front page expose of the glorious golf-cart trial in Birch Bay, a few questions come to mind. Do any of the other unelected members of the ersatz town council have a rider mower or go-kart to add to the chamber of commerce’s personal playground?

I’m sure that a rider mower or go-cart could easily match the golf cart’s top speed of 15 miles an hour and get just as many smiles and back up just as many cars, but entertain just as many grandkids as Billy Brown’s electric golf cart. Inquiring minds want to know.

Lyle Schrag


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