Ivan Edwin Kohn

December 12, 1949 – February 5, 2019

Born December 12, 1949 to Mae and Ed Kohn, Ivan grew up on a 100 acre dairy farm on Drayton Harbor Bay. He enjoyed farm life, helping with the daily chores, threshing, exploring the forest, swimming and boating in the bay. He had close, loving relationships with both sets of grandparents, his uncle Hazen and Auntie Evelyn.

In his early teens, Ivan enjoyed riding his bike long distances with his close friend Harry Finkbonner. He was a natural athlete and participated in many school sports, including football, basketball, shot put and sprinting and was given the MVP award for football his senior year. He was well liked and was happy being a part of the Blaine community.

Ivan attended Everett and Whatcom Community Colleges and Western Washington University and especially liked science and math courses. He had a deep passion for liberal progressive politics, was well informed and concerned for our democracy.

In his early years, he bartended at the Pastime Tavern in Blaine and cherished his friendship with the owner, Dolph Hill. He enjoyed the years he worked as a net hanger and the friendships that he had with the fishermen, especially those from the Lummi and Nooksack tribes. He lived a relaxed life and liked sitting, thinking and figuring. A creative being, Ivan was able to make and fix most anything. He used cedar from his parent’s land and salvaged a big old house and turned it into a unique and beautiful home. In 1980, he met Mimi and they became instant friends. Then in 1993, they became longtime, endearing sweethearts.

Ivan loved life and was kind, beautiful, funny and intelligent. Most of all, Ivan was present and loving. He made caring connections with whomever he met and gave generously.

He is preceded in death by his parents, sister Adette and dear friends Michael Vogt and Curtis Markusen. He is survived by his sister Bethel Mae Kohn, longtime friend Dixie Steinbach and dear friend James O’Connell. He is loved and adored by the love of his life, “Roseamaria” Mimi Meintel and her family.

Ivan was a Blaine boy at heart and will always be missed. He died on February 5 at the age of 69. Cards of condolence may be sent to C. Meintel, 1507 34th St., Bellingham, WA 98229.

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