City staff host open house for realtors

By Jami Makan

The city of Blaine recently hosted an event that brought commercial realtors and local property owners together.

The goal of the May 17 event was “to increase awareness of Blaine in the commercial realtors’ community and to get some focus on the projects that are happening in and around downtown Blaine,” said city manager Michael Jones, who helped organize the event with other city staff. Troy Muljat of The Muljat Group also helped coordinate the event on behalf of the commercial realtors who came from around Whatcom County.

Some of the specific projects highlighted were the new two-story building at 685 Peace Portal Drive, the construction at Hill’s Chevron, the new Skye Hill Station, the redevelopment of the Goff building, the old grocery store site on Peace Portal Drive, the Grandis Pond and East Maple Ridge housing developments, the remainder of the Gateway Parcel and an assortment of manufacturing sites in the Boblett/Ludwick/Odell corridors.

The event, which took place at the Drayton Harbor Oyster Company, was attended by about 45 commercial realtors and local property owners who were there to represent their projects and properties. The informal event also allowed guests to interact with city staff who were posted at different development sites downtown.

According to Jones, the city is likely to host a similar event next year in order to keep the connection alive. “We had a very positive reception from the realtors,” he said. An email contact list was developed, and the plan is to keep realtors apprised of projects that are happening in town by periodically sending them updates.

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