Blaine Police Department reports: November 21-26

November 21, 5:10 p.m.: A Canadian resident called police to report her mother as a missing person. The individual advised police her mother attempted to enter Canada illegally on October 31 and was sent back to the United States. She later advised she was heading back to Miami but her daughter didn’t hear from her again. Officers entered her as a missing person and cleared with no further incident.

November 21, 5:40 p.m.: Officers responded to the 1700 block of H Street for a report of a shoplifter who fled the store. Officers found the suspect at the corner of Grant and Ludwick avenues. Officers confirmed with store employees the suspect had shoplifted a bottle of wine. The wine was recovered from the suspect’s back pack. Officers arrested, cited and released the individual with a mandatory court date. Officers cleared with no further incident.

November 23, 8:59 a.m.: Officers responded to a panic alarm. It was determined to be an alarm malfunction.

November 23, 12:17 p.m.: An officer took a vandalism report. A trailer was sprayed with black spray paint creating the number 36. It is unknown when the trailer was sprayed.

November 23, 3 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive where a Tesla charging plug had become stuck in the port of a vehicle. Officers were able to separate the car and nozzle but damage was caused to both. The charging station was placed out of service and public works was advised.

November 24, 9:16 a.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to a report of vandalism in the 600 block of 9th Street. Officers documented some spray painted words on a fence and are investigating the offense as a criminal matter.

November 24, 12:04 p.m.: During routine patrol, Blaine Police located an illegally parked vehicle in the 300 block of G Street. The semi and trailer were parked on city property outside the limit of the commercial zone. The vehicle was issued a parking infraction.

November 24, 7:50 p.m.: Officers were flagged down by a citizen. Officers were told of a problem between juveniles at a local teen night event. None of the parties involved wish to file criminal charges. The probation officer of two juvenile suspects was contacted and given the information for follow up.

November 25, 5 p.m.: A mother reported her teenage son left the house without her permission and would like to report him as a runaway. An officer took a runaway report and had it entered into NCIC. Officers searched for the runaway but were unable to find him. An hour later the son returned home. He was removed from the system.

November 25, 4:20 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to a non-blocking, non-injury collision in the 500 block of H Street. The officer arrived and discovered both cars had backed into each other. The collision was reportable and a state collision report was completed. The officer also assisted with the exchange of information before leaving the area.

November 25, 5:35 p.m.: A mother called to report that her juvenile son, who is on probation, had run away for the second time that night. The mother advised she would be going to the probation officer’s office and getting a warrant tomorrow. The mother wanted police to be aware.

November 26, 3:27 p.m.: A local motel called to report they have been receiving harassing calls and wanted them to stop. The problem as described sounded as if the issue involved a civil matter. An officer arrived and discovered there was no suspect information or a phone number. The owner was informed on how to have his phone number no longer accept unknown calls. The owner was instructed to call 911 if suspect information is gathered.

November 26, 6:10 p.m.: An officer received a runaway report. The father advised he has not seen or heard from his daughter since 9:30 that morning. The officer called multiple friends and checked a location she was possibly at, with negative results. The father completed a runway report and the juvenile was listed as a runaway.

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