Blaine Police Department reports: January 8-14

January 8, 2 p.m.: A woman called police to report a vehicle had been abandoned on her property. An officer advised the woman she could be liable for the tow fee. The officer contacted the neighbor associated with the car, who agreed to move it.

January 8, 5 p.m.: A property manager called police to report that he received a report that a tenant went into another tenant’s home and was causing problems. The incident was determined to not be criminal in nature but needed to be documented due to recent behavior issues with the suspect.

January 9, 10:21 a.m.: An officer on routine patrol stopped a vehicle for a moving violation. Officers identified the driver and determined his license was suspended in South Dakota. Officers arrested, cited and released the individual with a mandatory court date. Officers allowed the individual to have a licensed driver retrieve the vehicle. Officers cleared with no further incident.

January 9, 4:45 p.m.: Blaine police were requested to serve a temporary protection order out of Whatcom County. The order was served to the Blaine resident without incident.

January 9, 10:38 p.m.: An officer found a vehicle parked in a no parking zone. The officer sent an infraction to the court to mail to the trucking company.

January 10, 8:58 a.m.: Officers responded to the 900 block of Georgia Street for a report of someone dropping a package on the individual’s woodpile. Officers arrived and determined it was a package taken from the neighbor’s front porch. Officers assisted in returning the package to the owner who advised it appeared nothing was missing. Officers cleared with no further incident.

January 10, 10:38 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to the Blaine Primary School for a possible order violation. The parties involved were run through dispatch, which returned with no order in place. The reporting party advised he would inform CPS.

January 10, 4:41 p.m.: Officers on routine patrol observed a vehicle with the registered owner showing a suspended driver status. Officers stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as the registered owner. Officers arrested, cited and released the individual with a mandatory court date. Officers allowed the vehicle to remain legally parked and cleared with no further incident.

January 10, 5:26 p.m.: Officers were contacted by a juvenile who did not want to return home to her father’s house. The existing parenting plan showed the juvenile was indeed supposed to return. The juvenile was told to go home. Officers cleared.

January 11, 1 a.m.: Officers responded to a fight call. Officers determined it was not a fight, but friends who were intoxicated. They agreed to go home and officers cleared without incident.

January 12, 8:27 p.m.: Blaine police responded to a verbal argument between a couple in the 1600 Block of Bayview. The male half left prior to law enforcement arrival and was not located. No crime was reported to have occurred.

January 14, 1:18 p.m.: A contractor reported showing up to a job site and finding several copper pipes and valves had been removed from an under-construction home. The theft is valued at about $300 in labor and materials. There are currently no suspects at this time. Police will try to provide extra patrols.

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