Blaine Police Department reports: December 5-10

December 5, 8:58 p.m.: Officers responded to the Peace Arch Port of Entry for a report of a suspended driver. Officers arrived and determined the individual was, in fact, suspended in the 3rd degree. Officer arrested, cited and released the individual with a mandatory court date. Officers cleared with no further incident.

December 6, 4:10 a.m.: Officers on patrol observed a commercial vehicle parked facing the wrong way in a no parking zone. The driver was contacted and issued a traffic infraction.

December 6, 11:41 a.m.: An Officer responded to a two car collision in an alley way. The Officer did an exchange of information for the drivers.

December 7, 10:03 p.m.: Officers were called to the Blaine Christmas tree for a report of a juvenile trying to climb the tree. There was no apparent damage to the tree. The youth was given a warning and officers cleared. Chief’s Note: This case was forwarded to Detective Kringle for further investigation.

December 7, 11 p.m.: Officers on patrol contacted a transient male attempting to sleep on the sidewalk in sub-freezing weather. The man was given a courtesy ride to a heated shelter. Officers cleared. Chief’s Note: The Blaine Police Department has numerous resources to ensure homeless citizens are not left out in the cold. The safety and welfare of all residents, whether they are permanent or temporary, is our utmost concern and has a lasting impression on the perception of our great city.

December 7, 11:30 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of a fight at a local bar. Upon arrival, officers were told that a pedestrian had been harassed by a car of young adults. The teenagers tried to instigate a fight and then left the area. No license plate had been observed. Officers searched for the vehicle but it had left the area prior to when officers arrived.

December 9, 8:10 a.m.: Person reported a male subject was walking back and forth in front of her residence and would walk up into her driveway. Officer located the male subject standing in the person’s driveway. Officer determined the subject was intoxicated and confused at where he was. Subject thought his vehicle was parked at this residence. Officer transported the subject home. Officer cleared with no further incident.

December 9, 11:22 a.m.: An individual called to complain about hunters in the area. The individual was advised the hunting season is open. The individual asked how long the season was. The Officer referred her to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for further information. Officer cleared without law enforcement action.

December 10, 2:55 p.m.: Officer was working traffic enforcement in the school zone when he witnessed a student on campus even though he had been trespassed from the school campus. Officer arrested the student and then turned him over to his mother. Case was forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

December 10, 8:55 p.m.: An officer on patrol stopped a vehicle for operating without taillights. The driver was contacted and admitted to drinking. The driver was arrested for DUI and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

December 10, 7:26 p.m.: Blaine police were called to the Cost Cutter shopping complex for a report of a man trying to open multiple car doors in the parking lot. An officer arrived and found the man. The man stated that he was just locking up his friend’s car before trying to find a cigarette. The vehicle in question was actually registered to the person who the man said gave him a ride. Without any evidence to prove he got into any other vehicles, the man was not arrested but was trespassed at the request of Cost Cutter. The responding officer relayed the man’s information to dispatch and it was later learned that he had multiple warrants for his arrest. The man left in the vehicle a few minutes prior to the officer getting this information and was not able to locate him again. Chief’s Note: I will personally review this case with the responding officer to determine how this unsatisfactory resolution occurred.

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