City council to vote on $105,000 construction change order for west Blaine conveyance project

Published on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Unstable soil beneath a Marine Drive manhole could cost the city of Blaine approximately $105,000 in extra construction costs as part of a larger wastewater conveyance project.

The $105,005 change order, the sixth attached to the $1.7 million contract with Bellingham-based Boss Construction, will pay for the extra man-hours and materials that were necessary to stabilize the soil near a manhole on the west end of Marine Drive. The work is just one aspect of the west Blaine conveyance project, which will connect a wastewater line from the Semiahmoo treatment plant to the city’s main facility at the end of Marine Drive.

According to the draft change order, Boss Construction crews discovered unstable soil while excavating near a manhole on the west end of Marine Drive during completion of the final phases of the conveyance project. Crews used about $4,100 worth of fill materials to stabilize the area before the work could be completed. The majority of the change order, $85,674, was spent on labor and materials to stabilize the soil.

The conveyance project has recently encountered other costly delays, including a $119,674 change order that paid for a broken sewer pipe and an extra $42,000 in additional construction management costs. Crews began initial work on the project in 2009.

The Blaine City Council meeting will start at 6 tonight, march 26, in the Blaine City Council chambers. For a look at the council’s full agenda, click here.


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