Blaine planning commission to hold public hearing on proposed zoning changes

Published on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Blaine planning staff are recommending zoning changes to land between D Street and the truck route, and the city’s planning commission is asking for public comment on the proposed changes.

The land in question is currently zoned for either light manufacturing  or commercial uses, but Blaine planning staff maintain this designation no longer makes sense due to the access limitations the reconstructed truck route now imposes. Planning staff are recommending the land’s zoning be changed to reflect the area’s primarily residential surroundings.

According to a staff report to the Blaine planning commission, Blaine planning staff are recommending four specific changes:

1.    The area between D Street, the vacated C Street right-of-way, 14th Street and 15th Street be rezoned to medium residential density.

2.    The area between the vacated C Street right-of-way, B Street, 14th Street and 15th Street be rezoned from low residential density to medium residential density.

3.    The area on the north side of the 1500 block of H Street next to Lincoln Park where the General Service Administration facility is currently located be rezoned from medium residential density to public use.

4.    The area adjacent to 14th Street between H Street and E Street be rezoned from light manufacturing and commercial to zoning that allows business specific to border crossings, such as retail trade or information.

The city of Blaine held a public meeting on October 19 to gather input on the proposed changes. The roughly 50 attendees generally agreed that the change to residential zoning in the area would be the best course of action.

As part of its regular meeting, the Blaine Planning Commission will host a public hearing tonight (October 27) to gather further input on the issue. The meeting will start at 7 p.m., on Thursday, October 27, at the Blaine City Council chambers.

For more information on the proposed zoning changes, visit the planning commission’s website (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the information form tonight’s meeting).


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