Blaine school board to re-examine capital projects bond

Published on Mon, Jul 25, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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In addition to a presentation of next school year's budget, tonight's (July 25) Blaine school board meeting will include a discussion of a possible reduced bond initiative to take care of some of the district's most vital construction needs. As I'm sure most of your remember, the district's $32 million bond failed to pass by 0.8 percent in April, delaying improvements to most of Blaine High School's buildings.

After the district released a bond survey, which I wrote about here, school board members, faculty, community members and district superintendent Ron Spanjer met to discuss the survey results and develop a way to move forward with another bond. This June 20 meeting ended with the school board members in attendance asking for a prioritized list of capital improvements from facilities supervisor Jim Kenoyer. The board member suggested such a list could form the basis of a smaller bond that could be put on the same February ballot as the district's maintenance and operations levy.

Though no concrete decisions on if or when a new a bond would be put to voters have been made, Kenoyer is set to present that list to the school board tonight. Click here for a PDF of that list, which prioritizes capital improvement items for ballots in February 2012, February 2015 and an unspecified future date.

But why click when you can just continue reading? Below I've replicated the tables Kenoyer produced for the school board's review:

1st Priority (February 2012 Considerations)
 Area  Rationale Cost
Running Total
 HS Science Buildings
 Most urgent academic needs on campus
 $2.4 million
  $2.4 million
 HS Track
Track base coming apart, needs replacement after 25-year life span
 $225,000   $2.625 million
 HS Campus Lighting
Bringing old lighting up to knew federal regulations
  $150,000   $2.775 million
 Heating Units
Finish upgrades to middle school and Elementary School
  $75,000   $2.9 million
 Security Camera Upgrades
Current equipment aging
  $100,000   $3 million
 Total Projected
    $3 million

2nd Priority (February 2015 Considerations)

 Area Rationale
 HS Campus
  More inclusive upgrades
 Special Education/ Life Skills
  Need new special education and life skills space at the high school
 Elementary Classrooms and Cafeteria
  Upgrades will eventually have to be done to  these classrooms and the cafeteria space is needed
 Primary School Play Shelter Enclosure
  This space is needed for physical education activities
 Birch Bay Property Acquisition
  Longer range in overall program


Additional Items form Future Consideration

 Area Rationale
 Pipeline Fields
  Permanent restrooms have been a long-range need
 Transportation   Highly limited space
 Stadium   Current facility undersized and in need of    upgrades
 Turf   Expanded use of the surface
 Fire Systems Upgrades
  Safety concern at some point in the future
 Digital Controls Antiquated
  Repairs are costly and ultimately the system becomes antiquated and needs to be replaced
 Service Roads Resurfaced
  Routine (long-term) maintenance
 Parking Lots Resurfaced
  Routine (long-term) maintenance



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