Borderites fall to B-E Tigers

Published on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 by Russell Paris

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It was a beautiful day for the beautiful game as the Lady Borderites took the field against the league-leading Burlington-Edison Tigers on Tuesday night.  

While the soccer team played well defensively, the offense gained no ground against the powerful Skagit club. After an agonizingly long stint of no scoring, the Tigers’ Mariah Swanson found the back of the net after a sweet pass from Dallas Nelson. The Borderite defense paced the Tigers well, but after 25 minutes of little action, coach Dan Steelquist decided it was time to shake up the offense.

Substituting tired players with fresh-faced freshmen Ashley Quesada and Taylor Bryan, he hoped to give his team a spark. Quesada quickly picked up a loose ball, successfully completing a pass to senior Nicole Statham. Statham kept the momentum up, swinging the ball to senior Liz Berry, who was in position to shoot. Her scoring attempt was rejected by the Tigers’ keeper. Quesada took a shot at the 36-minute mark, but her attempt fell short as well. 

A halftime pep talk by Steelquist encouraged the girls to calculate their moves on the field and be more efficient. “Do not be passive by being active,” he said. “The game is played as if it is a puzzle in activity. Be deceptive in your moves, do not be predictable, move and be a threat.”

The girls came back and played more evenly in the second half. Burlington outshot the Borderites 8-2 and outscored the team 2-0. 

Despite the score, B-E coach Ryan Kuttel praised the Borderites’ effort. “That is the best Blaine team we have had to face in years.”