Borderite girls play hard, but fall just short

Published on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 by Russell Paris

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There’s something to be said for the tenacity of youth – and the Blaine volleyball squad exemplified that tenacity in Friday’s matchup against the Meridian Trojans. Even with no seniors on the squad, the fresh-faced team still gave their more experienced opponents a run for their money. 

But, in the end, their youthful inconsistencies caused them to fall short. 

In game one, Meridian’s Nicole Hofbauer led the attack with a 7-0 serving lead. The scoring run was broken once by the Borderites, before being renewed for another seven points. 

“We really are a young team,” coach Shelie Moore said. “Some of our better players are in the sophomore and even freshman class.” A timeout by Moore shifted the momentum of the game, allowed the Borderites to regroup and get their head back in the game. The girls rallied to score, and soared to a tight win, 27-25 over Meridian. 

There was no time to celebrate, though, as Meridian came back strong, sweeping the next two sets. The Borderites weren’t ready to back down, though, and claimed the fourth game as their own with a comeback rally led by plays by Lexie Greguski and eight serving aces by Elle Moore. 

“This is my first year on the varsity,” said sophomore Greguski, the team’s libero. “I had been playing on the junior varsity but the coaches brought me up because I’m scrappy and have a good work ethic.” The libero is a defensive specialist for the volleyball team, who plays on the back line and digs to keep it in play. 

Tied two-all, the final game came down to experience, and the Blaine Borderites just did not have it in them to pull out a win in the final set. They fell 15-9, losing the match to Meridian 3-2. “We lost because we didn’t receive properly,” Greguski said after the game. 

“We can be good right now if we don’t make mistakes,” Moore said. “It can be hard for a young team to consistently accomplish this.” 

The Borderites will take on Anacortes at home on Thursday, September 20 in the Blaine gym. The following game will be in Bellingham on September 25 against the Red Raiders.