Whatcom Rebels dominating the competition

Published on Thu, Dec 8, 2011 by Kevin Minnick

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There’s a new basketball club in town that has been dismantling other teams by as many as 44 points. They execute overwhelming half-court traps and drain three-pointers whenever they are left open. And none of them have entered middle school yet.

Meet the Whatcom Rebels, a fifth-grade girls basketball select team. The team was started this year out of the desire to simply play basketball more often and with better competition. Coach Jim Bring formed the team after having coached his daughter and her friends through several years of Boys and Girls Clubs league play starting in the second grade.

“When the Boys and Girls Club season would end, we wouldn’t stop practicing,” Bring said. “We kind of practiced year round, so every year we would get better and better because we never stopped. We eventually were up for the challenge of playing against better competition.”

Bring said after experiencing difficulties in attempting to enter his girls into the Blaine AAU league, he decided to simply start his own select club – the Whatcom Rebels. With fundraising help from other parents and website development courtesy of his neighbor, Bring has organized a roster of 10 girls (so far) that has seen great success this season.

Bring said it’s important for young girls to have outlets like sports while growing up.

“I did it because I had a lot of great coaches and role models growing up who would do this kind of thing for us as kids. It’s something that needs to be done,” Bring said. “Especially up here. The weather is not conducive to doing things outside, so it’s even harder to get out and do it.”

Bring encourages anyone interested in trying out for the squad to visit the team’s website at www.whatcomrebels.com.

The Rebels are finishing their season as No. 1 seeds in a tournament this weekend at La Venture Middle School in Mount Vernon. The game is at 10 a.m. Saturday, December 10.