Forward looking for gold medal

Published on Wed, Feb 10, 2010
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Local readers have more than national pride when cheering on Team USA Women’s Hockey at the 2010 Olympics, they have a local player on the ice.

Forward Karen Thatcher, number 5, moved to Blaine after graduating from Providence College in 2006. A two-time member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, Thatcher plays fast and hard and is tough in the corners.

Raised in New England, Thatcher played a year at Brown University and then moved to Providence for three years, ending up 10th on the school’s all-time points list. She graduated with a degree in biology but has a list of hockey achievements longer than her stick.

Following graduation, she has played for three teams in the Western Women’s Hockey League and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

“I just love Blaine,” she says. “Blaine is an adopted city. A lot of people just assumed I was another Washingtonian. Now that they’ve discovered I’m a hockey player, it’s lots of fun to get their support. I just love the community,” she added.

No one in Blaine will be cheering louder than her mother Sally-Anne and father Richard Thatcher. They too moved to Blaine shortly after their daughter did.

Additional reporting by Tim Rappleye, IOC Global Feed.
Hear Thatcher’s comments and view slideshow by clicking here.