Police Reports: October 17 - October 23, 2012

Published on Wed, Oct 24, 2012
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October 17, 9:50 a.m.: A Langley, B.C., resident came to the police department to report that he had been victimized on eBay. The man explained that he sold a cellular phone online, then agreed to refund the dissatisfied buyer’s money once the phone was returned to him. But, when the package from the buyer arrived at a private mail service in Blaine, it had been tampered with and was empty. The complainant was advised to report the theft to the U.S. Postal Service as well as PayPal. The victim was provided with a case number to verify that he had contacted police about the loss.

October 17, 11:24 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to contact a resident about a theft from his home. The older gentleman reported that a prized double-edged stainless steel German dagger was missing from his house. During a long one-sided conversation with the victim, the officer discerned that it was quite possible that the knife had been misplaced rather than stolen. 

October 17, 12:14 p.m.: A county resident came to the Blaine Police Department for assistance, when his hopes for an amicable end to a dating relationship were dashed. He explained that his now former girlfriend had reacted very strongly to learning that he was breaking up with her. The lady was now driving around somewhere between Blaine and Bellingham, texting threats to harm herself unless the male half relented and exorcised the “ex” from their relationship. Blaine Police officers searched the Blaine area for the woman without success, and she lives in the Bellingham area. The boyfriend had received her calls while at his home outside the city as well, and he was advised to contact the sheriff’s office to make a formal report about the lady’s actions and his concerns about her safety.

October 17, 3:02 p.m.: A resident on Mary Avenue contacted police when she discovered that a laptop computer was missing from her home. The victim explained that she was certain she had locked her door when she left about 1 p.m., but when she got home about 6 p.m. she found that her house door was unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry and no other property was taken.  The victim provided a written statement and stolen property form for the Toshiba Satellite computer. Officers are investigating.

October 17, 9:41 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a residential construction site on a theft of services complaint. The contractor showed the officer that someone had thrown several bags of garbage and unwanted broken kids toys into the construction site’s dumpster. The contractor was going to have to pay to have the garbage hauled away. A couple pieces of mail amid the garbage led officers to a recently vacated apartment. The former resident of the apartment is still in jail on unrelated charges. The contractor was advised of the outcome and he will re-contact police if the problem reoccurs.

October 19, 9:40 a.m.: A concerned parent reported an assault on a school bus. Officers reviewed video evidence and determined that mutual roughhousing was involved that did not rise to the level of criminal culpability for the 10-year-olds involved. The incident is being handled by the school district. 

October 19, 3:08 p.m.: A citizen contacted the Blaine Police Department to report two election-related signs stolen from his yard over the last couple weeks; the most recent being today. The signs are valued at $5 each. Officers were notified to provide extra patrol and to watch for the missing signs.

October 23, 11:09 a.m.: Dispatch reported a tree down and blocking the street at the intersection of 4th and B Streets in Blaine. Public Works was notified and an officer was dispatched for any traffic control needed.