Police Reports: November 22 - 30, 2011

Published on Wed, Nov 30, 2011
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November 22, 12:13 p.m.: A victim on the East Coast reported that he sold an item via the Internet and shipped it to a Blaine address. The purchaser wrote back to say the article he received was not what the victim shipped. Police are investigating to determine if a crime has been committed.

November 22, 10:29 p.m.: An officer observed a vehicle traveling at a abnormally slow speed on Peace Portal Drive, crossing the fogline and centerline. He stopped the vehicle to find out what was causing the erratic movement. The driver was not impaired by alcohol or drugs and was possibly just being overly cautious.

November 23, 12:42 p.m.: A cable company technician contacted police to report a theft of equipment. Several Alpha Technologies brand back power storage batteries, worth about $900, were stolen from a service location in Semiahmoo. Police are investigating the theft.

November 23, 4:27 p.m.: A passerby called to report two kids were skateboarding in traffic near the Marine Drive roundabout. An officer responded and found the pair of speed bump impersonators near D and 2nd streets. Both young men were old enough to know better and agreed to not interfere with the motoring public.

November 23, 10:46 p.m.: Police stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation. During the driver contact the officer suspected the motorist was impaired by alcohol. Sobriety tests confirmed that the man was too intoxicated to drive, and the 70-year-old Custer resident was arrested, processed and booked into jail.

November 24, 3:11 a.m.: Very early on Thanksgiving morning a Blaine resident awoke to discover that the lady he'd invited home to share the holiday had left without saying good night. While pondering her absence he noticed that his car was not parked where he had left it. He put two and two together and got 911. An officer responded to take a vehicle theft report, and a Whatcom County sheriff's deputy stopped the car on Birch Bay Drive. At the owner/victim's request, his car was left parked and locked where it had been found. The 42-year-old Birch Bay suspect no longer needed it, as she was being booked into jail.

November 24, 10:09 a.m.: The U.S. Coast Guard called to ask for assistance checking the Blaine coastline for a paddle boarder who was overdue getting to a destination in White Rock, B.C. Officers conducted an extensive search of the Semiahmoo and Blaine shore areas accessible on foot, but found no signs of the paddler or his board.

November 24, 9:40 p.m.: Police responded to a report of a juvenile problem at a residence. The adult at the home did not want to assist in prosecuting her young grandson, but asked for help educating him about anger management and the seriousness of domestic violence. Police spoke with the youngster and he agreed to seek counseling.

November 24, 10:10 p.m.: U.S. Border Patrol requested the assistance of Blaine police’s K9 team after three subjects fled from an agent on Stein Road outside the city limits. The team deployed and found articles of clothing shed by the suspects as they ran, but did not find the men amid the very thick brush in the area. One person was apprehended after being spotted by a CBP agents in a helicopter.

November 24, 10:35 p.m.: A resident was home late in the evening when he heard a crash and looked out to find an old dirt bike lying in the middle of 8th Street. There were no bodies laying or stumbling about, so the witness called police rather than medics. Officers searched the area but did not find anyone either. The bike was left parked off the roadway but later on was impounded when no one gathered the courage to return to explain the situation.

November 25, 9:36 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle which was speeding on Peace Portal Drive. The motorist was found to be suspended, and was arrested, cited, and released with a mandatory court appearance date.

November 25, 4:50 p.m.: A resident called police when he spotted a man hiding amid the bushes near Blaine Elementary School on Mitchell St. Officers and Border Patrol agents responded and contacted the landscape lurker. He was identified as a Canadian citizen with an extensive criminal record who had illegally crossed the international border a short time earlier. He was taken into custody by federal agents.

November 25, 7:23 p.m.: A man called to report that he was being harassed by his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend over disagreement with childcare issues. Police contacted the ex and her new, and advised them to cease contact with her former. The reporting party will be seeking an anti-harassment order to clarify the situation.

November 25, 11:18 p.m.: Police contacted a disabled motorist on Bell Road. It turned out the man was driving with a suspended license and was wanted on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court, for driving while suspended. The 24-year-old Ferndale man was arrested and booked into jail.

November 26, 4 p.m.: Blaine police responded to assist when fire units and State Patrol were dispatched to a reported vehicle fire southbound on the freeway just south of Dakota Creek. The officers arrived and found a scene on the roadway shoulder, but no fire. The owner of a broken-down boat trailer was busily cutting up the trailer with a grinder, showering the area with sparks. Fire and WSP were advised, and officers cleared once the State Patrol arrived to chat with the handyman.

November 28, 12:19 p.m.: A passerby called police to report concerns about the number of unsightly, unlicensed and inoperable vehicles piling up around a house on F Street. Information regarding the vehicles and the property owner was collected, and a report was forwarded to the Community Development office for followup.

November 28, 12:25 p.m.: A passerby visited the police station to ask for help with a resident on E Street who frequently throws his yard waste out into the alley rather than dealing with it on his property or having it collected. An officer talked with the proeprty owner, who was very polite and cooperative. He explained that he'd been trying to build up the potholes in the alley with the detritus, not realizing that it was being blown onto adjacent proerties.

November 28, 4:21 p.m.: A lady from Mason County reported that she has been looking for her missing dog for 28 days, and believed she found her lost pet listed on a webpage for a private animal shelter being operated in Blaine. The caller asked for help reclaiming her pet. An officer has initiated contacts and is continuing to investigate the report in hopes of reuniting the family members.

November 28, 9:32 p.m.: Police stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation. During the contact the officer suspected the man driving was operating the motor vehicle while intoxicated. Sobriety tests confirmed the man was impaired. The 43-year-old Surrey resident was arrested for DUI, processed and transported to jail.

November 29, 1:39 p.m.: A passerby called police when he spotted two suspicious people either concealing something in or taking something from the vegetation near the Public Works yard on Yew Street. An officer made contact with the suspects. There did not appear to be a victim available who was interested in making a theft report, so the pair were thanked for their time and returned to picking apples from a roadside tree.

November 29, 3:21 p.m.: Police responded when employees found an unconscious man in their service station restroom. Officers revived the sleeping, intoxicated transient, and he explaing that he had used methamphetamine earlier and needed to get to a detox facility because he was thinking about killing himself. Medics transported him to the hospital for medical and psychological examination.

November 30, 5:20 a.m.: While on patrol an officer contacted a concerned lady who was looking for her lost cat on Marine Drive. The feline disappeared in the area several days ago and the owner has been searching ever since. All officers were advised to keep an eye out for a kitty that looks like an 8-pound miniature leopard.

November 30, 8:18 a.m.: Police responded to a report of a man dressed in camouflage who was hunting in the area of Semiahmoo Drive. Officers searched the area but could not locate anyone matching that description. The camoflage was apparently really good. They were able to find the reporting party, and discovered that the hunting activity was actually occurring outside the Blaine City limits.

November 30, 8:56 a.m.:
Dispatch reported fire was responding to a vehicle fire on Interstate Five northbound just south of Blaine. Officers arrived to find a fully engulfed motorcoach fire. Deputies, State Patrol and officers closed the northbound freeway lanes and assisted with traffic control until the fire was extinguished. The occupants of the RV escaped before the flames engulfed the vehicle and were uninjured.