Police Reports: July 13 - 20, 2011

Published on Wed, Jul 20, 2011
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July 13: Police responded to a business on H Street when its very audible security alarm activated. Officers found that employees set the alarm the prior evening, but forgot to lock up when they left. The result was a noisy surprise greeting for the first unassuming customer who entered the next morning. A business representative arrived in short order, silenced the system and determined nothing inside had been disturbed overnight.

July 13: Police responded to a report of a great Dane galloping loose on Blaine Avenue. One officer entertained the canine while another located the owner. She was frantically looking for her pet one block over, after her kids apparently left the yard gate open. Parent and pup were reunited.

July 13: Officers stopped a vehicle on 2nd Street after a license plate check revealed that the driving privilege of its registered owner was suspended. The driver's identity and license status were confirmed and the cooperative 45-year-old Delta, B.C., resident was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date.

July 13: An officer spotted a a man on West Road who was wanted on a outstanding Blaine Municipal Court warrant for a jail commitment from a vehicle prowl conviction. The 41-year-old Blaine resident was arrested and transported to jail to serve his court-appointed five-day sentence.

July 13: A passerby came to the police station to drop off a puppy she found running in the road near Cherry St and Peace Portal. The dog appeared to be a healthy black Lab mix a few months old, without a collar or ID. No one called looking for it, and the critter was turned over to the Humane Society the following morning.

July 13: Police were dispatched to a construction area after a passerby noticed vandalism at the site. The arriving officer found both fresh and old vandalism and graffiti. A representative of the owner was contacted and will be having the mess cleaned up.

July 14: During patrols an officer found two broken windows at a building that has been out of business for a number of years. Police are contacting the property owner to get the windows boarded up.

July 14: Officers contacted an occupied vehicle parked late at night along Semiahmoo Parkway. The teenaged driver said she was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive from a friend's house. Unfortunately the 17-year-old only had a instructional permit and was not supposed to be driving without a licensed adult. Her mom was called to collect the girl, the boy and the car.

July 14: Blaine officers assisted CBP personnel with a security detail at one of their facilities.

July 14: Officers assisted U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Peace Arch port of entry when a vehicle stolen in Canada arrived at the port. The vehicle and occupants were transported back to Canada, where the driver was taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for possession of stolen property.

July 14: Blaine Middle School officials called police for assistance after students stole cash from an unattended purse in the school office. The investigation was accelerated by viewing a security system videotape which captured the event. The parents of the two teenage suspects were advised, and a case report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for charging. The missing $40 was spent immediately after it was taken, and will be recovered through restitution.

July 14: Police received an anonymous call regarding a suspicious woman hiding in the bushes along Peace Portal Drive. An officer contacted the lady, who was waiting for visitors to leave a residence nearby where she is staying. She admitted to having a personal-use amount of marijuana in her handbag, and was cited for that offense. The marijuana and a homemade pipe were impounded.

July 15: Here is yet another reason to not use your cell phone while driving. Shortly after 2 a.m. Friday, police stopped a motorist on H Street after watching her drive while talking on her cell phone. A check revealed the woman was driving with a suspended driver's license. It also soon became evident that the motorist was under the influence of alcohol. The 21-year-old Blaine resident was arrested, processed and booked into jail.

July 15: A passerby called police when he found a Mongoose brand bicycle laying in the roadway in an undeveloped neighborhood. The bike had been smashed to pieces by someone apparently in the throes of an anger-management issue. The remains of the bike were photographed and it was laid to rest.
July 16: Police responded to a report of juveniles trespassing in a vacant lot. Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents did not find the trespassers, but they did come across a well-cared-for miniature marijuana plantation. The fledgling seven-plant grow operation was nipped in the bud and the plants were destroyed. Several youths were observed, contacted and identified in the area.

July 16: A passing motorist declined to identify himself but reported hearing either an adult yelling or else kids making too much noise near the commercial property at SR543 and D Street as he was driving past on the road. Officers arrived in the area and checked for suspicious noises but did not hear any, and observed no people nearby. They cleared with no further action taken.

July 16: Police were dispatched to a report of a vehicle fire in the I-5 southbound lanes near milepost 276. Border Patrol and Blaine officers arrived to find no fire or vehicle at that location, but did find a fresh crash site on I-5 near the Hughes Avenue overpass. The fire department and the Washington State Patrol arrived moments later to investigate the non-injury collision.

July 17: Police responded to a report that a purse had been stolen during a real estate showing. An officer arrived, listened to the victim describe her stolen purse, and noted that it sounded remarkably similar to one that was laying behind the chair upon which the victim was sitting. The officer handed the victim her handbag and returned to patrol.

July 17: Police responded to a report that a tractor trailer loaded with about $5,000 worth of cantaloupe had been stolen from a truck stop parking lot on Boblett Street. The melancholy victim explained that he parked his trailer in the lot overnight, and returned in the morning to find it was gone. As officers were taking the theft report, a semi-truck pulled in with the stolen trailer attached. The driver of the second rig sheepishly explained he'd hooked up to the wrong trailer, and so accidentally arrived at Canadian Customs with a load very different from the one he was supposed to deliver. Both drivers and the officer were relieved by the resolution.

July 17: Police stopped a motorist on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation. The driver claimed to be a Canadian citizen and provided the officer with a false name and date of birth. U.S. Border Patrol agents assisted the officer with identifying the man. When his true identity was revealed, the 55-year-old Blaine resident was arrested for criminal impersonation. He received two criminal citations and two traffic infractions in his real name, and was released with a mandatory court date.

July 17: Police were notified that a teenager wanted on an arrest warrant was in the area of 3rd and D streets. Officers arrived and located the girl and three of her friends. All of them were minors in possession of alcohol. Three of the juveniles were turned over to their parents, and one was transported by medic personnel for treatment of possible alcohol overdose. All parents were notified that their children were being reported to the juvenile prosecutor for review of charges of MIP, as well as other offenses related to the incident.

July 18: Police arrested a man at the Peace Arch port of entry for violation of a (confirmed & served) Contra Costa County (California) Superior Court DV protection order. The man (respondent) was in the company of his wife (petitioner) in apparent violation of the current order. He was arrested, processed and booked into jail. Shortly thereafter, it was determined that clerical errors existed in the court order and NCIC data fields. A Contra County Superior Court judge issued a new court order permanently terminating the original protection order. Blaine Police contacted Whatcom County Jail requesting that the husband be released without charge and without delay. The man was released from custody without charge.

July 18: A motorist called police when he spotted a man standing alone on the Mitchell Street overpass across I-5, yelling. It looked to the passerby like the guy was possibly preparing to jump. Officers contacted and interviewed the man. He did not present a threat to himself, and denied any suicidal ideation. He explained that he does suffer from mental health issues and occasionally yells at himself. He just happened to be on the overpass when the mood struck today.

July 18: Police responded to a report that juveniles on skateboards were harassing people in a business parking lot off H Street. The victim stated the boys were yelling at people driving through the lot, and he for one had exchanged words with them. Officers contacted three barely teens with skateboards nearby. They received a warning about their conduct and they agreed to behave.

July 18: Police responded to a non-blocking, non-injury two-car crash on the truck route at H Street. Officers maintained the scene until Washington State Patrol arrived to investigate.

July 18: Police stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation and contacted the male driver, who admitted that he did not have a license to drive. Further investigation revealed the driver's 19-year-old girlfriend was allowing him to drive her vehicle even though he was unlicensed. She was arrested for permitting an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle, and released with a mandatory court date after processing.

July 18: Police were dispatched to a vandalism in progress after a victim on E Street woke up to the sound of tires popping out in the driveway. Officers arrived in the area within minutes but could not find the three suspects, who witnesses described as teenagers wearing dark hoodies and clothing. After canvassing the area and checking for other possible witnesses, the officer returned to the scene and photographed the flat tire.

July 19: A vehicle was stopped by police on Mitchell Ave for an equipment violation. A driver's check revealed the motorist was driving with a suspended driver's license. The 51-year-old Blaine resident was arrested, processed and released with a mandatory court date.

July 19: Officers were dispatched to a 2 a.m. fight in progress in the 700 block of E St. They arrived at the tail end of the melée, and could not find any cooperating witnesses or evidence except for the fading echoes of the battle, which had been heard two blocks away. The apparent instigator of the fight claimed to need medical attention and then asked to have a girlfriend take him to the hospital instead. Officers took the person to his girlfriend's residence so he could be tended to, and referred charges of disorderly conduct to the prosecutor.

July 19: Shortly after 8 a.m., Blaine PD responded to a report of a possible prowler at a residence. The reporting party stated she and her son heard a thump on the roof, and her son looked out the window and told mom a man wearing all-black clothing had run across the yard. Officers arrived and searched the area with the help of U.S. Border Patrol agents, but saw no one matching that description. Officers searched around the yard and in the attic, but saw no evidence of any crime.

July 19: The Blaine Food Bank reported someone stole several gallons of gas from their company vehicle by disconnecting a fuel line on the engine. There are no suspects at this time. Extra patrol will be provided.

July 19: A concerned passerby saw a young boy playing on the railroad tracks and called police, worried for the youth's safety. An officer responded and talked to the boy about safety and trespassing. The youngster moved along with a promise to find a better playground.

July 19: A citizen reported an ongoing problem with barking dogs in her neighborhood. She was provided with an Animal Control form for tracking the dates and times of the nuisance. A report will be forwarded to the animal enforcement officers once the log is returned.

July 19: Officers contacted a 18-year-old man with a Lynden Municipal Court warrant for FTA MIP. The man was arrested and transported to the Whatcom County jail for booking. The warrant was cleared from the police databases.

July 19: A motorist was stopped on Bell Road for traffic and equipment violations. A check revealed the young man was driving with a suspended driver's license. The 18-year-old Blaine resident was arrested, processed and released with a court date.

July 19: A motorist was stopped on Peace Portal Drive for a vehicle equipment violation. Checks revealed the man was suspended in the first degree, and wanted on two outstanding arrest warrants. The 64-year-old Maple Falls resident was arrested and transported to jail.

July 20: Officers stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation and discovered the 20-year-old motorist was driving without a license and was under the influence of alcohol. A small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia was also found in the vehicle. The Blaine resident was arrested, processed and transported to jail.