Police Reports: July 6 - July 13, 2011

Published on Thu, Jul 14, 2011
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July 6: A Birch Bay resident came into the police department asking for help finding her car, which she remembered parking somewhere nearby.  She was not too worried about the vehicle but very concerned about her little dog that she had left locked inside. An officer helped the lady locate her parking place and patient pet.

July 6: Blaine officers responded to a report of a vehicle speeding on a private road.  The complainant stated he tried to talk to the driver, but the driver was not cooperative and told him if he did not like his driving he could call the police. He did just that. Border patrol agents in the area advised via radio that the suspect vehicle had left the area and helped with a description. The driver was identified, and the reporting party will notify officers if the problem reoccurs.

July 6: A resident in an apartment on a shared property called police for assistance dealing with the possible illegal activities of a neighbor’s teenager. The boy appears to be accumulating stolen items around the home and smoking marijuana with parental impunity on a regular basis. Officers are investigating.

July 6: Officers responded to assist on a report of a fire in the back yard at an F Street residence. The fire started in a yard compost pile and spread to a tree, but the homeowner was able to extinguish the blaze before the fire department’s arrival. The cause was most likely spontaneous combustion.

July 6: Officers were dispatched to a report of a reckless motorist on Marine Drive near the pier, when the driver of a forest green Audi reportedly almost struck a worker on a ladder in the area. When the worker told the driver to slow down, the driver of the vehicle showed the victim a single digit sign of disrespect and sped away. Officers checked the area but did not find the flippant motorist.

July 7: A concerned citizen called to report two men entering a locked back gate to her neighbor’s yard. Officers checked the house in question, and the building was found to be secure. The house appeared to be up for sale with construction ongoing, and the suspects were likely construction workers on the job. No emergent situation was at hand.

July 8: Blaine PD responded to a report of missing jewelry at a residence. The reporting party was contacted and stated several jewelry items were missing from their bathroom, and they suspected neighborhood kids who had a history of prior pilfering. The youngsters and their mother were contacted, and they denied any involvement. Mom said she would search through the children’s room, and if the jewelry was located it would be returned.

July 8: Dispatch reported that the Washington State Patrol was requesting for help locating a vehicle that was travelling erratically northbound on I-5, possibly driven by an intoxicated motorist. An officer located the vehicle and found that the driver showed no signs of being under the influence.

July 9: A woman called police for help and explained that she had been with her boyfriend in a motel room in Blaine when he got angry at her for calling her father.  She reported that the man had yelled at her and then hit his computer screen with his hand in anger causing it to break. The lady wisely left at that point, because she was fearful he might hurt her.  An officer located the boyfriend and arrested him for malicious mischief/domestic violence, and found that the man was also in possession of someone else’s prescription medicine. The 22-year-old man was booked into jail.

July 10: A concerned resident called to report that a neighbor‘s dogs had been barking non-stop all night for the past three nights. An officer arrived at the house in question and attempted to rouse the homeowner, but was unsuccessful. The officer obtained a contact number for a relative of the owner, and that person advised he was caring for the animals while the owner was away. Much to the relief of everyone else on the block, the proxy pet parent agreed to save the canines from the neighborhood’s ill will.

July 10: Police contacted two boys, one 13 and the other 14 years old, walking in the dark on Drayton Harbor Road at 11:30 p.m. An officer was able to contact one of the boys’ parents but could not reach the other teen’s custodial parent. The concerned mother was not aware that her son was walking the dark streets, because her son had told her he was sleeping over at a friends house. The officer transported the kids back home to explain their story to the concerned mother.

July 11: A concerned woman called police after she received what she termed a weird cell phone message, from a unknown caller. The victim provided the caller’s number, and with it an officer contacted the man who placed the call. It turned out that there was a technical mix-up, and both parties did not even know each other. Both parties agreed to avoid accidentally talking again, and the problem was thus resolved.

July 12: Blaine PD responded to a report of two suspicious males lingering about a business on Peace Portal. Officers arrived and contacted the pair, who explained that they had been returned to the United States after overstaying their welcome in Canada. The men stated they were trying to make some money working down at the docks before they proceed to Alaska.  Blaine PD cleared without incident.

July 13: During patrol an officer found an open door on a closed business on 3rd Street. He closed the self-locking doors and secured the building.