Police Reports: June 28 - July 6, 2011

Published on Wed, Jul 6, 2011
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June 28: A concerned family member asked officers to check the welfare of a depressed relative. Officers met with the caller to gather information and placed into storage a couple of weapons at the request of the reporting party.

June 28: A motorist was stopped on Bell Road for a traffic violation. During the investigation the driver provided police with a false name and date of birth in an attempt to keep them from learning that her driving privilege in Washington was suspended. The driver's true identity was discovered, and the 23-year-old Birch Bay resident was arrested and transported to jail.

June 28: Police responded to a residence where a person needed emergency assistance. An officer assisted aid personnel on scene and cleared once they had control of the situation.

June 29: Police were called when a man wanted on a warrant presented himself at the municipal court office in Blaine. The 22-year-old was contacted by officers and booked in to jail when he was not able to post the bail required to secure his release.

June 29: Police responded with the fire service to a fire alarm at a government building. They determined personnel had accidentally set off the alarm system while testing it. No fire.

June 29: A resident called the police station to report that several kids were shooting what appeared to be illegal fireworks in a neighborhood on Adelia Street. The problem was not occurring at the time of the call so extra patrols were provided, and the victim was told to call immediately if the fireworks continued.

June 29: Blaine police responded to investigate when a victim advised that an ex-acquaintance had removed money from a man's bank account without his authorization. Police determined there was cause to believe the suspect had committed second-degree felony theft. A report was completed and forwarded to the county prosecutor for review and charging as appropriate.

June 29: A Semiahmoo resort employee reported the theft of about $300 worth of freshly planted annuals from a flower bed in the 8500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. The flowers disappeared over a 24-hour period between June 28 and 29. Officers are asking for anyone who noticed suspicious, and especially nighttime, gardening on the parkway east of the golf course clubhouse to contact the police department.

June 29: Police were dispatched to a report of a business customer dispute at a business on Peace Portal Drive. The arriving officers learned that the problematic customer had left. The woman had come to the business to pick up some personal items from a vehicle stored there. While police were on scene, the lady returned and attempted to re-enter the business but was trespassed by the owner. After many attempts to get her to comply with the trespass warning, officers ultimately had to arrest the 27-year-old Blaine resident for disorderly conduct. She was released with a criminal citation and a court date.

June 29: Border Patrol agents advised Blaine police when they received information that a man with a criminal history who was known to law enforcement was possibly driving in the area armed with an illegal firearm. The officer safety information was shared with all area law enforcement agencies.

June 30: A Blaine resident called police after an aggressive pit bull in the neighborhood attacked their family pet, killing the 15-year-old Pomeranian. Officers and Animal Control are investigating the incident.

June 30: A business called police to report a suspicious circumstance. A white male in his early 20s (no further details) had exited the store, left an empty backpack on top of a trash can near the store's front door and ran off. Fearing that something dangerous might be inside the backpack, police were called. An officer checked the tattered backpack and found it to be empty. It is likely that it wasn’t empty when it departed from the store’s interior. The suspect was not found in the area.

July 1: A resident called police seeking assistance when her 100-pound dog passed away overnight. She was alone and unable to move the pet from her house to her vehicle, so she could transport him for cremation. An officer arrived and provided her assistance.
July 1: Early on Canada Day morning Blaine police assisted fire units, Customs and Washington State Patrol at the Peace Arch Port of Entry when a B.C. motorhome caught fire in one of the 10 open traffic lanes just as it was approaching the inspection booths. Fire personnel extinguished the blaze while police and customs officers on both sides of the border provided traffic control for about a half hour until the lanes could be reopened. State Patrol investigated the fire, which might have been caused by fuel leaking from a new carburetor that had just been installed the previous day. There was no damage to government facilities. The 1980 GMC motorhome appeared to be a total loss.

July 1: Blaine postal employees called to report their concern about a disoriented gentleman who was sitting in a car outside the post office. Officers responded and determined the man was in need of medical attention. An ambulance was dispatched and transported the elderly victim to hospital for additional care. An officer stood by until a relative arrived and directed her to the hospital.

July 1: Officers conducted a routine check for possible fisheries violations on the public pier. During the course of meeting several people and providing information about the rules and regulations, one person spoke out against what he felt was not education but "Gestapo" tactics. The gentleman was unsuccessful in his apparent attempt to rile the officers or upset others enjoying the evening. A report on the contact was completed to assist the person in case he wanted to pursue the matter with management.

July 1: A person called to report an incident of road rage near Bell Road and Peace Portal. Police arrived and contacted both drivers, who appeared to have both made bad driving decisions that irritated one another. An officer advised both parties the incident occurred in the county, and they would have to file a complaint with the sheriff's department if they wished to pursue the issue in court. Blaine officers determined one of the drivers had a suspended driver's license. That person was arrested and released after being issued a criminal citation for the license offense.

July 2: At about 2:30 a.m. Blaine police assisted Border Patrol agents with a report that a person had possibly illegally crossed the border into a residential area near 6th Street. While watching for the intruder one of the Blaine officers contacted a teenage girl who was hiding in the woods nearby after sneaking out of her house without permission. She and a friend were found to be in possession of alcohol. The 14- and 17-year-old were arrested for the possession offense and released to their parents. Police are investigating who furnished the alcohol to the minors.

July 2: Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry when customs officers contacted two people traveling together in violation of a court order. A Blaine officer investigated and confirmed that a woman who was entering the U.S. was prohibited from associating with her boyfriend, who was in the car with her. The 26-year-old lady was arrested and booked into jail.

July 2: Officers were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry for a person in possession of a personal use amount of marijuana. The subject was cited and released with a mandatory court appearance.

July 2: Officers responded to an emergency hang up call from a Blaine home. Officers arrived and contacted a tenant downstairs who advised that her teenage son had been pushing buttons on the telephone and didn't realize he had dialed 911. The 13-year-old was cautioned not to play with the phone until he understood how to use it properly.

July 2: Blaine Police officers assisted the U.S. Border Patrol in maintaining a perimeter near Canada View in Blaine after two subjects were observed leaving the U.S. to enter Canada illegally. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police made contact with the subjects and took them into custody.

July 3: While conducting routine patrol in the area of the public boat launch, an officer observed a small boy standing next to a fence crying. The youngster told the officer he had visited the restroom and when he came out his father had disappeared. The officer found dad around the corner where he was still waiting for the lad to exit the facility, and the two were reunited.

July 3: Blaine Police responded to the Peace Arch Point of Entry for a report of a U.S. citizen attempting to cross into the U.S. with prescription narcotics that were not prescribed to him. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers had been conducting an outbound secondary inspection when they contacted a traveler who was in possession of a personal use amount of Vicodin without a prescription. Blaine Police arrested the woman, cited her for possession of a controlled substance and released her with a court date.

July 3: A passerby contacted a Blaine police officer on Peace Portal when she found a folding knife with about a three-inch blade on the roadway while taking her morning walk. She turned the knife over to the officer and it was booked into evidence as found property in hopes the owner comes looking for it.

July 3: A Blaine officer observed two males exit a taxi south of Peace Arch State Park and set off on foot toward the park. The two men then observed a marked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, gestured toward it and immediately did an about-face. The two men were contacted by the officer and Border Patrol. One was found to be a Sri Lankan citizen who was in the U.S. illegally and was taken into custody. The other Sri Lankan citizen was detained by Border Patrol to confirm his identity.

July 4: U.S. Border Patrol agents contacted a man in the 200 block of B Street near the Peace Arch Park. A records check revealed the man had an outstanding felony warrant out of Seattle for a controlled substance violation. Blaine police were contacted and an officer arrested the man and transported him to jail.

July 4: A Bellingham driver was stopped on Marine Drive for a vehicle equipment violation. Driver's check's revealed the man had a suspended Washington State driver's license. During the arrest process, a used marijuana pipe was found in the man's pocket. The man was cited for both offenses and given a mandatory court date. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

July 4: An officer was on routine patrol when he spotted a man walking down the street who was wanted on warrants. When the person saw the patrol vehicle he ran away. Officers searched the area and ultimately apprehended him hiding behind a tree with the help of a citizen's tip about a suspicious person in the area. He was taken into custody and booked in jail.

July 4: Blaine Police Department responded to a vehicle collision on Garfield Street. An inexperienced driver gave too much gas while driving through a gravel alley, lost control of the truck he was driving and collided with two cars parked in the yard of a residence. There was significant collision damage to all three vehicles.

July 5: A man called to advise the Blaine Police Department that a woman and four boys were putting rocks on the railroad tracks. An officer arrived, but the people had already left the area. The officer found $1.29 in coins on the railroad tracks. The coins were placed in found property and placed in the evidence room.

July 5: A 44-year-old British Columbia driver was stopped on Peace Portal Drive for speeding. The female driver displayed obvious signs of alcohol impairment. Roadside sobriety tests confirmed the woman was intoxicated. The woman was arrested, processed and transported to jail.

July 5: The Semiahmoo Marina called to report one of their guests had his tires stolen and replaced with some older ones. An officer was dispatched and contacted the victim at the marina. The victim parked his vehicle on July 2 in the parking lot at the marina, and when he returned on July 5, he found all four of his wheels and tires had been switched with different, lesser value tires and rims. The thieves also damaged the body of his vehicle while stealing the items. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

July 5: A man came into the Blaine Police Department to report a dog left inside a truck. The windows were rolled down but the reporting party thought that it was still too hot. An officer contacted the owner of the dog inside a tavern enjoying a beer. The owner stated he did not think it was too hot in the truck, but would take the dog home.

July 5: Police were dispatched to a verbal disturbance at a residence. Officers are investigating a possible physical assault to an 8 year-old child.

July 6: Officers and U.S. Border Patrol Agents contacted two males and a female on 6th Street near the border. Two of the three falsely identified themselves to the officers. The three made up a fake story about visiting a friend on A Street to conceal their true objective. Officers discovered the female and male paid the other man $300 to illegally guide them across the border into Canada. All three individuals were arrested on obstructing charges and released with court dates.

July 6: A woman came into the Blaine Police Department to seek help in finding her car. She parked somewhere near the police station. She was concerned because her small dog was inside. Officer assisted the female in locating her car.