Police Reports: June 22 - June 28, 2011

Published on Wed, Jun 29, 2011
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June 22: A Garfield Avenue resident reported that a bike was stolen from the carport of her home. There are no suspects in the taking of the black Schwinn men’s mountain bike, which had a round “Jack’s Bicycle Shoppe” sticker on the frame, tow clips and three worn spots on the back tire. Officers are watching for the bike.

June 22: A resident glanced out his front window Wednesday afternoon and won a free, high-definition viewing of a man urinating onto the landscape shrubs at the post office by his house. The suspect zipped up and zipped away, but not before the witness copied down the B.C. license plate on the fleeing red BMW. Officers met up with the car and driver a few blocks away as it pulled into the parking lot of a service station – which has a very nice restroom. The 52-year-old Burnaby resident was arrested for indecent exposure, cited and given a court date.

 June 23: A business owner on D Street contacted police after having a less than pleasant interaction with an aggressively unhappy customer. Officers attempted to contact the patron using a phone number provided by the caller ID on a phone at the business, but were not successful. The reporting party will ask police to deliver a “no trespass” notification to the customer if he returns.

June 23: A passerby called police to report an abandoned vehicle was blocking the traffic lanes on H Street just east of the truck route. Officers found the driver at a nearby service station, where she had gone for assistance. They pushed the car safely off the road and spent some time helping the Richmond, B.C., resident try to start the older auto. Neither pleas nor borrowed jumper cables could keep it running, however.

June 23: Police responded to a call that fireworks were being set off in a residential area. An officer arrived in the neighborhood and found a construction crew wielding pneumatic nail guns on a roofing job nearby, but nothing else that sounded akin to explosions. Extra patrol was provided.

 June 23: A lady reported that she was enjoying an evening stroll on the the beach at Semiahmoo when she was accosted and harassed by three men in their 30s.  She had to rush to her car and drive away to get away from the troublemakers, and she was very upset by the time she made it home to tell a friend what had happened. Officers searched the area but did not find anyone matching the description of the three unruly adults with baseball caps.

June 23: A U.S. Border Patrol agent alerted Blaine officers to a white pitbull dog running loose in a residential area on E Street. The agent tracked the dog while the officers located its owner. Ultimately man and mutt were reunited. The former will be securing and licensing the latter.

June 23: Police investigated a burglary to a residence on D Street when a homeowner found that two Nintendo DS games had been stolen while he was away. An 8- and 9-year-old  were interviewed about the crime. They admitted they had snuck in when no one was home and glommed onto the games. The property was recovered, and the kids were turned over to their parent, who had apparently not noticed they were missing.

June 23: A Vancouver Island resident bought a vehicle which was in Texas, and hired a shipping company to deliver it to Victoria. He received word that the vehicle had been dropped off at an address on Boblett Street in Blaine, and asked police to check to see if it was really there. They did. It was not. The next day the buyer was preparing to file a theft report when an officer located the missing vehicle, at a storage yard a mile from where it was supposed to be sitting. The manager of the facility explained it was not uncommon for car haulers to occasionally mix up their deliveries. The new owner of the car was appreciative of the officer’s diligence in continuing to search for his vehicle.

June 24: A parent called police to complaint that other children in the apartment complex were picking on her kids and calling them names. An officer contacted about a dozen kids in the development and explained it was going to be a very long summer if they didn’t start getting along. June 24: Police investigated an incident in which a customer at a business lost  $12.69. The patron learned he was out the first $10 when he tried to pay for a sandwich and discovered the bill he had earlier received was counterfeit. The $2.69 was the cost of the sandwich, which he bought with real money but then left unattended on a picnic table a moment too long while talking to police, much to the delight of a hungry seagull.

June 24:  Employees at a business on H Street turned in a small amount of marihuana which they had found abandoned on their premises. There were no witnesses or suspects to the possession, and no one called looking for their missing drugs. The product was impounded for destruction.

June 25: Customs and Border Protection - Peace Arch called police when they contacted an individual in possession of marijuana. They explained that a traveler from Concrete, Washington, was directed to secondary inspection for further examination. An alert CBP officer watched the gent pull a cylinder from his sock and transplant it into a flower planter in the inspection parking area on his way in to the building. The cylinder contained marijuana, and the man was released after being processed for a criminal misdemeanor charge of possession of under 40 grams of marijuana.

June 26: A Border Patrol agent was contacted by a unidentified elderly lady on A Street, who explained that she had spotted a silver kitchen knife and a pair of black kitchen scissors in the bushes nearby. The agent alerted a Blaine officer, who responded and retrieved the items. They were secured at the police department pending the next installment of the story.

June 26: Officers spent 2.5 hours directing traffic on the truck route at H Street to keep the intersection clear of the inconsiderate and or impatient motorists who kept blocking it, in an unseemly rush to get a few yards closer to the saturated border crossing. 

June 27: A 7-year-old fell off his bike and came into the police station seeking solace and treatment. Officers provided the former while a medic unit provided the latter. The youngster checked out OK, and was sent home with a tall tale to tell and new little teddy bear to prove it.

June 27: A concerned witness called police to report that a teenager in the neighborhood was shooting a BB gun at cats in the area. An officer arrived in time to see the 17-year-old discharging his recently purchased BB gun. He claimed that he was frightening away cats that were taunting his cat. The young man was warned about laws pertaining to weapons including BB guns in the city limits, and the seriousness of abusing animals by shooting towards them. His parent was advised and the BB gun was confiscated. Animal Control was alerted to the incident.

June 28: Police were dispatched to an argument between neighboring adults who have been having problems getting along lately. An officer arrived and found the argument was over misunderstanding about the fireworks laws. Officer talked to both parties and asked them to be civil with each other.