Police Reports: June 16 - June 20, 2011

Published on Tue, Jun 28, 2011
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Police Reports

June 16: While on patrol, officers observed a vehicle exceeding the speed limit in a school zone on H Street. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was found to have a suspended driving status in Washington. The 50-year-old driver from Vancouver was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date. A licensed driver was allowed to drive the vehicle.

June 16: A transportation company in Blaine reported a theft of several thousands of dollars of product.  The property had been shipped from Eastern Washington to the southern border and did not arrive at its destination. Other businesses and their insurance companies are involved in the civil case that ensued. Blaine PD provided the plaintiff a case report number and documentation to assist in that process.

June 16: An off-duty Blaine officer recognized a subject on Marine Drive who was wanted on a felony warrant. On duty personnel were alerted and responded to arrest the man. The 22-year-old Blaine resident was taken into custody without incident and transported to jail.

June 16: A homeless visitor from Fiji was denied entry into Canada late at night and flagged down a police car on H Street. He explained that he was destitute and looking for a way to get back to the warmth of San Diego. An officer assisted the man in finding lodging overnight in Blaine and directions to catch a bus to Bellingham the next morning to obtain additional services.

June 16: Police and Border Patrol agents responded when a family living near the U.S. Canadian border in Blaine spotted a man they did not know walking across their property. The sojourner was located at a neighboring residence and identified as a visitor there. He was advised of the boundaries of the neighboring properties by the officers.

June 17: A resident called police when she discovered that half of her son’s black plastic bicycle ramp had been stolen from their front yard. All officers were notified of the theft and provided a photo of the ramp. It turned out that her kids were going to be away for a few days and had loaned the ramp out to friends. No theft had occurred.

June 17: The City assigned an officer to provide three hours of traffic emphasis along Peace Portal Drive to safeguard about 3,000 bicyclists passing through town on a B.C. Cancer Agency benefit ride for cancer research.

June 18: Alert and awake U.S. Customs officers called Blaine Police when they observed that a motorist applying to enter the country was behaving abnormally and might be under the influence of alcohol. An officer arrived and interviewed the driver. He passed most sobriety tests and provided a breath sample, which did not detect any alcohol. The man explained that he was just very tired. He decided to voluntarily return to Canada to take a nap before reapplying for permission to drive in the U.S.

June 18: An officer observed a disabled vehicle on northbound I-5 at milepost 275 and contacted the driver, who said his vehicle had broken down and a tow truck was en route. Unfortunately, it was a Canadian tow truck that arrived to tow the motorist back to Canada. The tow truck was not properly licensed, permitted or inspected by the State Patrol to conduct business in Washington, so was not able to remove the vehicle. A properly credentialed Washington tow firm was contacted at the owner’s request and assisted the motorist by towing his vehicle to the border, where it was legally collected by the Canadian tow operator.

June 19: Blaine PD responded to a report of a juvenile behind his house on Third Street shooting crows with a BB gun. The 11-year-old was contacted and apologized for shooting and injuring at least one bird. Officers confiscated his weapon and spoke with his parents. They explained that the boy had already been reprimanded at home for his behavior. Officers cleared without incident.

June 19: A concerned passerby alerted police to two boys playing on heavy equipment at a Boblett Street construction site. Officers contacted the kids and educated them on dangers of their actions. The mom was contacted and arrived to collect the trespassers. From the volume of tears the youngsters produced, it appeared that no further action by the criminal justice systyem was required.

June 19: A resident on D Street contacted police to report, that for the past two years, a person in the neighborhood has thrown his new phone books out into the street as soon as they are delivered. The suspect was contacted and explained his frustration at the directory companies, which have ignored his pleas to stop littering his property with their useless tomes. He agreed to not make matters worse by tossing anything else into the street, as he would simply incur a citation for littering.

June 20: Blaine PD responded to a report of checks being stolen from a business.  Over the prior two months five checks had been forged and cashed for a loss totaling about $1,800.  Officers interviewed a suspected employee, who admitted to stealing, forging and cashing the checks. The employee was arrested for theft 2nd degree and forgery, and booked in to jail.

June 20: WSP Dispatch notified Blaine PD that a possible DUI was entering the city limit on Blaine Rd.  An officer was in the area and contacted the violator, who was indeed very intoxicated. There were several open beer cans strewn about the vehicle, and fresh cold beer was sitting on the passenger seat within reach of the driver. The 49-year-old was arrested for DUI, processed booked into jail. The vehicle was released to a friend at her request.

June 20: A business on H Street called the police to report that a woman from British Columbia attempted to pass a fake United States $50 bill. An officer and a United States Border Patrol Agent contacted the suspect in the parking lot. The suspect claimed to have received the fake bill from a unknown bank in Canada, or possibly in change while shopping in Whatcom County. The bill was seized and forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service, along with the identification of the person who tried to pass it.