Police Report -- April 30, 2009

Published on Thu, Apr 30, 2009
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April 21: Officer took a complaint of a juvenile problem in the Canada View neighborhood. Two female children reportedly threw rocks at a neighboring child, then tried to run him over with a bicycle. Officer contacted the father of the two suspects and explained the circumstances. Both parents were advised to call the police if further problems could not be resolved in a civil manner.

April 22: Officer was dispatched to a noise complaint in the 200 block of Jerome Street. Officer arrived and informed the complainant the ATVers were on private property and not committing a crime. Officer advised the complainant to phone if the noise continues late into the night, and officers could then make contact with the suspects.

April 22: A vehicle prowl occurred and the window to a car was smashed inwards. A purse containing the victim’s identification, debit card and other miscellaneous papers was also stolen. Under investigation. 

April 23: Blaine police were notified by a female subject she had given permission to her sister and her sister’s husband to take her car to do an errand while she did some shopping at Cost Cutter. When the pair did not resurface with her car, she became worried they had taken her purse and belongings that were inside the car.  The vehicle and subjects were located by police in another part of town, and all parties were reunited.

April 24: Officers responded to a report of an assault. Officers arrived, contacted the victim and determined a crime had taken place. Officers were then contacted by the suspect. The 41-year-old female suspect refused to cooperate with the investigation. She was arrested for assault 4th and obstructing an officer. She was cited and released with a mandatory court appearance date. Case closed by arrest.

April 24: A citizen came in to the Blaine Police Department requesting assistance with traveling home to Yakima. After verifying his circumstances and confirming he had a valid driver’s license, the man was provided with a Salvation Army voucher to purchase some fuel for the trip.

April 24: Dispatch reported a suspicious vehicle parked with its lights out near the Peace Arch State Park. An officer checked on the vehicle and spoke with the driver. The British Columbia man advised he was waiting for one of his daughter’s to return to the U.S. via the Peace Arch Port of Entry after preparing for a wedding in Canada. The father and daughter were then off to a local lodging site before the big day tomorrow. No crime.

April 25: Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Martin Street to assist a deputy who was dealing with an out of control adult male. The deputy was attempting to assist the man by taking him to a motel. The intoxicated male finally told the deputy he lived in Birch Bay State Park. The man was taken to the park by the deputy and a Blaine officer followed to assist the deputy should the man loose his cool again. The man was delivered home safely to his tent.    

April 25: Blaine police noticed an intoxicated subject making an unfortunate deposit alongside the roadway in the 2000 block of Peace Portal after partaking in too much alcohol consumption following a loss in a soccer game earlier that day in Seattle. The designated driver who was sober had the task of transporting the four sorrowful athletes home to Burnaby and was hoping for no more unexpected side trips to the curb.

April 26: Officers received a report that fire units were en route to the school for an automatic fire alarm. Officers responded/arrived and did a perimeter check of the building and found it to be OK. Officers were cleared once the fire department was on scene.

April 27: A Blaine resident called to report that someone had backed into her vehicle that was parked on a city street. The left driver’s mirror was damaged and scratches were observed on the driver’s door. The driver of the offending vehicle left a note indicating to call this evening to resolve the issue.

April 27: Officers were dispatched to a report of loud yelling at an apartment complex. Officers arrived and made contact with a husband and wife. The wife reported her husband had experienced a minor medical issue causing him to yell. It was determined that no domestic issues were present, and officers cleared with no further action taken.

April 27: Officer took a report of verbal name-calling and harassment. Officer advised the victim to obtain an anti-harassment order. Officer then contacted the suspect whom is well known by the police department for such incidents. The suspect, a juvenile, was once again warned of his increasing incidents, soon becoming 18, and the fact he is walking a fine line of being arrested as an adult. 

April 28: Officer was dispatched to a business in the 1700 block of H Street where a juvenile had been detained for shoplifting. Officer arrested the juvenile male, contacted his mother, and forwarded the report to the juvenile court prosecutor.

April 28: Blaine police observed a familiar male who was driving westbound on H Street in the 1700 block. When the driver and officer locked eyes, the driver panicked and veered into another lane in an attempt to get away from the police. The police officer caught up with the driver, confirmed that his driver’s license was suspended and placed the man under arrest. Further investigation revealed the driver had two outstanding warrants, one from Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department and the other from Bellingham Police Department, for DWLS 3rd offenses. The 43-year-old man was arrested.

April 28: Officers were dispatched to a possible DUI at a fuel station. Officers arrived and determined the person was not intoxicated or showing any signs of impairment. Being the commercial truck driver admitted to having a beer within 10 minutes of the arrival of officers, his keys were taken and the truck put out of service for 24 hours or until a different driver became available.