Police Report -- February 26, 2009

Published on Thu, Feb 26, 2009
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February 18: Police were notified of suspicious looking pellets spread along the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway, topped with raw carrots. The caller was concerned that the pellets were poison and the substance could possibly endanger pets. Officers determined that the pellets were not poison, but rather a part of a scrumptious feast laid out for neighborhood’s rabbits. 

February 18: Blaine Police received a call from a resident in Semiahmoo who reported hearing loud noises and suspicious activity near a home that appeared vacant and For Sale. She advised that when her dog began to bark, several subjects ran away from the side of the house. Officers checked the house and found it secure. Nothing appeared tampered with.

February 19: While handling a shoplift complaint at a business on H Street, officers learned of another case of theft from the same store. Two teenagers had been earlier caught on store surveillance tapes harassing the business employees and apparently stealing a candy bar. The pair will be formally trespassed when they return, and officers are investigating the theft. Other stores in the area will be warned of their activities.

February 19: Police were dispatched to Blaine high school, after a bag containing a white powdery substance was discovered on campus. Officers arrived and investigated, and subjected the material to chemical testing for illegal substances. They determined that someone is missing a bag of powdered sugar.

February 19: Blaine Police responded to the 9800 block of Harvey Rd on a complaint of ongoing telephone harassment. The victim reported having received seven calls this evening and knew who the caller was. A report taken and an officer investigated to deliver a message to the caller to cease and desist.

February 20: Blaine Police made contact with a subject who had been refused entry into Canada and had nowhere to sleep and no money for transportation. He was given a courtesy ride to the mission in Bellingham.

February 20: A resident called police at 2:20 a.m. to report a dog barking continuously at a home near 8th and D Street. An officer checked the area but all was silent, until . . . (next case, please . . . )

February 20: Police were called at 2:25 a.m. to a felony malicious mischief crime near 8th and D Street. A man became angry at an acquaintance’s home, and smashed the glass out of a double - pane sliding glass door with a shovel, destroying the $375 door. The 30-year-old suspect then fled on a bicycle. A watch for was issued, and when the man is located he will be arrested for the crime.

February 20: Police received information that a man aboard a vessel due into Blaine Harbor was wanted on an active arrest warrant. Blaine officers confirmed the warrant, located and contacted the 27-year-old, and arrested him. He was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

February 20: Police were dispatched to a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision in a residential neighborhood on E Street. The teenaged pedestrian suffered a minor hand injury when a neighbor’s car passed so close to him at the road’s edge that a tire ran over the welt of his shoe. Officers investigated and issued the driver a criminal Negligent Driving citation.

February 20: A Birch Bay resident came in to Blaine PD to turn himself in. He explained that he had violated a protection order in Bellingham earlier, and now could not find a ride back to Bellingham to surrender. Bellingham PD confirmed that they were indeed looking to arrest the gentleman. A Blaine officer took him into custody and met a Bellingham car half way. The Bellingham officers booked the 21-year-old in to Whatcom County Jail.

February 21: Police and WSP responded to a report of a vehicle driving north in the southbound freeway lanes south of town. Blaine officers located a car stuck in the center median north of the Birch Bay Lynden Road. That driver had been forced off the freeway to avoid a collision with the reckless driver. Nearby, officers found the violator: He had gotten his car pointed in the right direction and had stopped on the freeway shoulder. Medics evaluated all the patients and found no injuries. Since the incident happened outside the city limits, State patrol investigated and arrested the wrong way motorist for Driving Under the Influence. 

February 22: On Sunday evening a person attended a church function on Adelia Street, then returned to their car and discovered that their MP3 player had been stolen from it’s resting place on the dashboard of their unlocked car. The missing player is a black 2nd generation 30gb iPod which cost $350.

February 24: During patrol police recognized a person driving a vehicle on Sixth Street with a suspended driver’s license. An officer stopped the vehicle and confirmed through Department of Licensing records the driver was suspended. The 17-year-old was arrested, cited, and released with a court date. Her car was impounded.

February 24: An anonymous caller reported that a man was caught peeking in to the lady’s restroom at a business on H Street. The man left prior to law enforcement arrival and was not located. He was described as a young white male with some facial disfigurement, about five foot eight inches tall and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. He was last seen near H and 14th Streets.

February 24: Officers responded to a call of a possible physical fight at a home on Peace Portal Drive. Investigation revealed that a verbal domestic confrontation had escalated to the point where a man struck his girlfriend’s leg and then ripped the television cable out of the wall. The 39-year-old Blaine resident was arrested for domestic violence malicious mischief and booked in to jail.

February 25: Blaine PD K9 team was called to assist the WCSO by attempting to track two burglary suspects after a break-in in Birch Bay. High winds hampered the search and no suspects were located. However, the store owner has good video of the suspects. The WCSO is investigating.