Police Report -- January 22, 2009

Published on Thu, Jan 22, 2009
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January 7: Police received a report from a business that merchandise at their property had been destroyed.  An officer investigated, determined how the damage occurred, and identified the person responsible.  The man, a now former employee, was contacted and admitted to the damage. A criminal complaint for felony malicious mischief was filed with the county prosecutor’s office.

January 14: An officer observed four teenagers walking east away from the campus after classes had started for the day. The young people claimed they were enroute to a residence to get a needed text book, however no one knew the address or last name of the people residing where the book was located, and they could not explain why so many people were needed to lift the tome.  Police contacted the school, who confirmed that the truants were supposed to be in class. They were escorted back to campus and the principal’s office.

January 15: Officers received a call that a possibly impaired woman driving a rental truck was destined for Blaine. Police found the truck being piloted into downtown, by a driver who might have realized she was swerving dangerously if she had bothered to take the huge “$19.95 A Day” cardboard placard out of the windshield before take off.  Driver and truck yielded to police only after a short pursuit in which several vehicles were nearly struck. The operator was not intoxicated: she was arrested for reckless driving and booked into Whatcom County Jail. The rental company recovered their truck, and commented they asked the renter to remove the placard before she left their business, but she refused.

January 15: Police responded to the Peace Arch POE for a suspended driver. Officers confirmed that the driver was suspended. The 34 year old resident of Vancouver Island B.C. was arrested, cited and released with a court date. The vehicle was towed back across the border where the driver could still legally drive. Officers cleared without incident.

January 17: While on patrol an officer saw a man along side Peace Portal, assuming a classic rustic outdoor posture normally reserved for stands of tall timber, not traffic signs.  The officer contacted the subject and gave him a quick rundown on Washington State laws regarding lewd acts. The subject chose to use nearby porcelain facilities, in lieu of the stainless model that the county provides at the jail.  Or is that “in loo of”…

January 18: Dispatch received a call that the car owner had discovered that his unattended vehicle had suffered a hit and run.  The incident occurred in the 500 block of D Street the night of the 17th, between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. following morning.  The victim’s gray Ford Taurus suffered damage to its entire left side, and repairs are estimated at over $2000. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

January 18: Officers were dispatched to a Sunday night report of a person screaming and beating on a vehicle with a large stick at Marine Park. The arriving police and Border Patrol agents determined the call was a misunderstanding caused by a bad cell phone connection.  The woman causing the ruckus explained the banging was caused by her energetically packing her vehicle, and the yelling was her vocalizing her feelings about inadequate cell phone reception.  She was asked to finish packing in silence to avoid disturbing the nearby waterfowl, and the rest of the marina, and was reminded that all Blaine parks close at dusk.

January 18: Someone, or something, ran over a metal stop sign pole at the northwest corner of the intersection of Semiahmoo Parkway and Drayton Harbor Road.  The pole was flattened and the stop sign torn from the pole.  Damage was estimated at about $100.  There are no suspect(s) or known witnesses to the hit and run.  Public works was contacted by police and the sign was repaired. 

January 19: A tow company asked for police assistance with traffic control at the northbound freeway off ramp at milepost 274.  A visiting motorist from B.C. had exited the interstate in the fog, drifted off the roadway, and became mired in the mud.  No injuries resulted, and the young driver accepted the lesson learned about not driving faster than you can see.

January 19: A concerned passerby reported a distressed intoxicated woman wandering 4th Street.  An officer contacted the lady: she was upset over having been denied entry to Canada, and had definitely been drinking.  She was given a courtesy ride back to the motel where she was staying, and the remains of her alcohol was secured to keep her from overdosing.

January 20: A person visited a store in Blaine and purchased merchandise on an account which he was not authorized to use.  Officers investigated and the store provided video surveillance footage of the transaction. Police are looking for the suspect. Over $60 in materials was taken.

January 20: Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch POE for a reported violation of a restraining order. Inspectors had contacted two travelers who were under a mutual court order. A Blaine officer arrived and investigated: upon contacting the originating agency, he discovered it was okay for the pair to be together, they were just prohibited from attacking one another.  Both parties were conscious, alert and unbandaged, so no further action was needed.

January 20: Customs officers at the Peace Arch Port intercepted a returning U.S. teenager, who was flagged as a missing person after she ran away from Marysville over the weekend.  Customs turned her over to a Blaine police officer who was already at the port handling another incident. Officer confirmed the missing person report with the originating agency, and transported the youngster to the station to await the arrival of her frantic parents.