Police Report -- January 15, 2009

Published on Thu, Jan 15, 2009
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January 8: The Blaine municipal court advised police that a client in their office had an active warrant for his arrest. An officer arrived, placed the 30-year-old Ferndale subject into custody on the confirmed warrant, and transported him to jail.

January 8: Residents at home on 10th Street called police after hearing a crash in front of their house. The noise was their neighbor’s van slamming into the back of their unoccupied, legally parked car in the front of their home. The driver of the striking vehicle left the scene for a short time but returned, and investigating officers determined that he had not intended to evade responsibility for the wreck.

January 9: Inspectors at the Peace Arch port of entry summoned police when they found that a motorist they were interviewing held a revoked driver’s license from his home state of California. Officers confirmed that the driver was suspended. He was arrested, processed at the scene, and issued a criminal citation with a mandatory court date. His vehicle was towed and he was released.

January 9: A resident called police to report that someone had damaged her vehicle sometime over the past two days. An officer inspected the damage: It was heavily rusted and appeared very old. The owner was not able to discern the difference and did not appear to be filing a false report.

January 9: Police were dispatched to a report of a possible domestic assault occurring at a residence on Alder Street. On arrival, officers contacted three adults who reside together, and learned that a noisy argument had erupted when one resident took offense at excessive illumination. Conservation ultimately won, and their lights were turned off rather than punched out.

January 9: Police responded to an evening report of a woman screaming at a home on Fourth Street. Officers located the lady: She was uninjured, and not being assaulted. She and her boyfriend were watching a sports match on TV, and got a little overzealous in proclaiming their team spirit. The couple agreed to suppress their support in deference to the neighbors – hopefully the penalty action did not cost them the game.

January 10: Blaine police responded to Semiahmoo on a report of a duck hunter there possibly shooting within the city limits. An officer investigated the complaint, and found that the hunter was floating offshore outside city limits, and was not shooting towards shore. The department is following up on the county’s shooting zone status of the area, where residency as grown significantly over the past several years. 

January 10: A landlord cleaning up her rental property after evicting the last tenant contacted police when she found a suspect homemade smoking device.  An officer confirmed the remodeled pop can had been used for illegal drug use, and disposed of the item.

January 11: Officers responded to an apartment building on E Street regarding a late night 911 hang-up call there. Police learned that a concerned resident had called 911 after hearing a neighbor’s children screaming  nearby. Officers located and interviewed the two kids. They were breathless but fine, having been roughhousing and playing with flashlights. Mom promised to quiet the riot for the night.

January 11: Police responded to a business on Peace Portal Drive, when a person arrived there who apparently needed some assistance but could not be understood. Officers determined the visitor had entered the country illegally, and he was taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

January 11: An officer stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation on the truck route. A check through DOL records showed the driver had used another name when previously stopped in Washington. A later verification with the Blaine Court records showed the British Columbia man was suspended in Washington under his other identity. A summons was prepared and forwarded to the prosecutor for additional charges. 

January 11: An officer was dispatched to North Harvey Road after a resident located a stray dog. The large fluffy white K-9 was taken into custody and returned to its home. The animal’s owner received a warning that future violations could result in a citation and fine, and is looking for ways to secure the pet.

January 12: Police received a complaint of a habitually loose big white dog roaming the North Harvey Road neighborhood. A responding officer found that the animal’s owner was out searching for his pet. He had received a stray dog warning a day earlier, so today the critter was dragging a long length of rope as he wandered. The owner received the final warning.

January 12: Police responded to the 1100 block of Mary Avenue when a resident was nipped in the leg by a dog visiting a neighbor’s house. The suspect mutt got the worse end of the deal, because the victim happened to be wearing a cast on the leg that the dog chomped down upon. The owner of the dog was warned that a criminal prosecution, animal impound or both could result from another incident. The victim was agreeable. The dog was strangely subdued.

January 13: U.S. Customs reported they were interviewing two men who were in possession of three grams of marijuana. An officer spoke with the pair. Neither admitted blame, so both were cited for the offense.

January 13: A motel on Alder Street contacted police when an ex-tenant was caught knocking on room doors there, pretending to be the maid. The real staff wanted the impersonator exorcised from the premises. Police contacted the lady, the management uttered the ritual trespassing incantation, and the pretender was quietly banished from the property.

January 13: A resident on B Street contacted the police to report a teenager playing her vehicle stereo at a decibel level that was shaking the windows of homes down the block. Police
responded, but the driver and vehicle disintegrated prior to their arrival.

January 13: A resident of the county contacted the police after a man familiar to him confronted him in a Blaine grocery store. This has not been the first time that words have been exchanged between the two men regarding a past confrontation in the county. No threats were made, however the reporting party will file a criminal harassment case if the situation continues. The man was advised to contact the WCSO regarding the matter.