Police Report -- December 18, 2008

Published on Thu, Dec 18, 2008
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December 10: During a routine vehicle registration check through DOL records, police discovered a car’s owner had a suspended driver’s license. An officer stopped the vehicle on Blaine Road and cited the Bellingham driver. He was provided with a fresh court date as he had just used his previous one.

December 10: School officials reported to police that a student on campus was under the influence of alcohol. Police met with the teenager and confirmed that he was indeed inebriated. He was arrested, processed at the police station and released to a parent.

December 10: A concerned passerby called police after seeing a man chasing a child across a field near Allan Street. The man caught the kid, tossed him into a vehicle and sped off. Police found the suspect, and learned it was a father who had just caught his 10-year-old son trying to run away, with $120 he stole from home. Police opted to support a parental resolution.

December 11: Police responded to a convenience store on D Street after a customer discovered a glass door smashed there. The owners were upset to find their business burglarized for the third time in four months. A quantity of alcohol and tobacco was stolen from the store by thieves who made multiple trips into the building after the initial break in. Officers collected physical evidence both at the store and nearby. A few days later they arrested an 18-year-old Blaine man for burglary and theft. He admitted to the crime and was booked into jail. The search for his accomplices continues.

December 12: A business on Sweet Road called police upon discovering that one of their employees had been stealing from them. Officer investigated, collected evidence, and arrested the 19-year-old man for third degree theft. 

December 13: Officers were contacted by a father who had discovered that his teenage son had sent some money from his account to a woman in Russia. Dad asked police to talk with the youth about the dangers of falling for computer scams. An officer spent some time explaining to the teen how the computer fraud worked, and how easy it is to lose you family’s valuables to the con artists.

December 13: Dispatch reported a physical domestic violence assault was occurring at a residence on 10th Street. Officers arrived and contacted the couple. After investigating they determined the wife was the primary aggressor. She was arrested for assault 4th degree and was booked into jail.

December 13: A business on H Street reported that a vehicle filled up with $28.75 worth of gasoline and then drove off without paying. Officer located the driver of the vehicle and explained the call. The driver stated that he had swiped his credit card through the machine a couple of times, and was shocked to learn that his transaction had not been captured. He returned and paid the bill.

December 14: A Border Patrol agent observed a non-injury car crash on D Street at 15th Street. Officers arrived to find a large power pole had been sheared almost in half by a GMC pickup which slammed into it at 3 a.m. Investigation revealed the driver was driving recklessly in the snow and fishtailing when he lost control. The intoxicated 17-year-old motorist was arrested and transported to the police station for processing. The two teenaged girls in the truck with him were arrested for alcohol possession. The vehicle was left in the ditch until the damaged power pole could be stabilized by city light crews. 

December 14: Customers in a service station were surprised when a pistol fell from another patron’s pocket and hit the floor. They were even more shocked a minute later when the repocketed handgun again clattered to the ground. Police contacted the man. He was embarrassed about his clumsiness, apologetic about the hole in his pocket, and clueless about the danger he had posed. He is legally licensed to carry the concealed weapon, for the time being.

December 16: Blaine officers observed a resident known to have a suspended driver’s license motoring northbound on 4th Street. Police confirmed that the man’s license was still suspended for unpaid tickets, and arrested him. He was released with another citation and a mandatory court date.

December 16: An off duty USBP agent approaching Blaine observed a motorist driving recklessly on I-5, and notified dispatch. A Blaine officer contacted the errant driver near the truck route and Boblett Street. The driver profusely apologized for his near road rage behavior on the freeway, and the agent agreed to not pursue a criminal action.
December 16: An officer stopped a car on Bell Road, and arrested its registered owner / driver for Driving with a Suspended License, 3rd degree. The 39-year-old Blaine man was cited and released. His licensed girlfriend drove the car home for him.