Police Report -- November 20, 2008

Published on Thu, Nov 20, 2008
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November 18: Officer took statements from an adult couple who reported that they were being stalked by their in-law/parent. Police contacted the suspect, advised the person of the report and instructed the person to stay away from the victims. The complainants stated they would be seeking an anti-harassment order from the district court. Pending under investigation.

November 18: Police were dispatched to a verbal domestic dispute on Harrison Street. Officers responded and contacted all parties involved. No actions requiring mandatory arrest had been committed. The lady involved decided to leave to cool off, and arranged to stay elsewhere overnight. Officers cleared with no further incident.

November 18: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding on D Street. A check of DOL databases showed the motorist had suspended driving privileges in Washington State. The 40-year-old Burnaby resident was arrested and processed on scene, and released with a criminal citation for driving while suspended. He and the vehicle were driven away by his legally licensed and somewhat incensed spouse.

November 18: An officer observed a motorist, whom he thought had a suspended operators license, driving down the alley way behind the police department. Checks revealed the Blaine man was indeed suspended and also wanted on a warrant held by the sheriff’s office. The driver obligingly parked near the police station and approached to ask about the status of some clothing that had been seized in a prior arrest. He was arrested for the warrant and the driving violation, and transported to Bellingham to exchange another set of clothes for a jail jumpsuit.

November 18: Officers responded to an area on F Street, where folks saw a suspicious person hopping fences between homes and feared a miscreant was casing houses. Officers responded immediately and located the suspect. He turned out to be a homeowner who was pruning his yard trees, and had hopped the fence to retrieve a branch that fell onto his neighbor’s lawn. Officers appreciated the call, as there have been some daytime burglaries recently in the residential neighborhoods.

November 18: A man called this office to report his outboard motor stolen from the Blaine Marina. He will be coming in tomorrow to fill out a statement.

November 17: A parent reported that some boys had stolen her daughter’s daypack while she was at the skate park, and threw the bag into nearby Cain Creek. The backpack was not located and the bullying thieves were not identified.

November 17: A parent called police to report that a schoolmate had assaulted her son. The 9-year-old received a small bruise to the side of one eye. The suspect youth will be contacted and interviewed.

November 16: Customs officers at the Peace Arch crossing called Blaine police when they discovered that a Sammamish resident was transporting about a half pound of marijuana. The man explained that he was trying to deliver the drugs from King County to Bellingham but got lost and ended up at the border. Blaine officers arrested the 38-year-old and showed him the way back to Bellingham, and Whatcom County Jail.

November 16: Police responded to a burglary at a home on Sandpiper Lane. Over $3,000 worth of high end appliances were taken. The theft is under investigation.

November 16: Police responded to a reported domestic dispute at a residence on Fourth Street. The investigating officer concluded that the man’s complaint that his significant other kept hogging the bed spread would probably seem less criminal to him when he sobered up. She got the bedspread, he got a sleeping bag on the couch, and both were wished a good night.

November 15: A resident on Harrison Street complained about occasional noisy music from a nearby church. The current composition was completed prior to police arriving in the area. Officers asked the resident to notify them when the problem reoccurred.

November 15: Police responded to assist NWFR on Fourth Street with a possibly combative patient who had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. Officers assisted as the drowsy patient was examined and transported to St. Joseph’s for further evaluation.

November 14: An 18-year-old motorist was driving too fast for conditions late in the evening when he crashed his vehicle into the ditch on Yew Street. The wreck impacted the front end of his car and the traffic citation impacted his wallet. 

November 14: A motorist entering the U.S. at the Peace Arch port of entry was referred for a secondary inspection. During the inspection about 2.7 grams of marijuana was found in the vehicle. The Oregon state resident said the medical marijuana was his. The marijuana found in the clear sandwich bag was impounded as evidence. A photocopy of what appears to be an internet generated medical identification card is attached to the case narrative. A mandatory court appearance citation was issued. 

November 14: the owner of a new housing development on Alder Street contacted Police. For the past two days a vandal there had repeatedly driven across the newly hydro-seeded front yard of one of the homes. Officers were asked to provide extra patrol, as the damage occurs in the evening after construction workers have left.

November 14: Police were dispatched to assist a citizen who’s his wheelchair became stuck in a ditch by his apartment. An officer helped the gentleman get his chair back onto the sidewalk on 4th Street.

November 13: Officers were dispatched to assist North Whatcom Fire and Rescue personnel with a possibly combative person at a residence on Glen Eagle. Blaine police and Border Patrol agents contacted the resident in need of aid, and stood by while NWFR completed their exam. The resident declined any further help and all personnel cleared the scene.

November 13: Officers attended at a residence on Glen Eagle where an intoxicated and depressed man was threatening to harm himself. The gentleman was interviewed and appeared to be a danger to himself. He was taken in to protective custody, and transported to the hospital for evaluation. 

November 13: A victim reported that a brand new 10hp Honda outboard boat motor had been stolen from the fenced storage lot where his boat was stored on Peace Portal Drive and Hughes Avenue. The case is under investigation.

November 12: U.S. Customs called Blaine police when a possibly intoxicated driver applied for entry at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. Officers investigated and arrested the 22-year-old driver for driving under the influence. He was released with a criminal citation after processing.

November 12: During an investigation into another matter, officers received information that a 21-year-old man had sexual contact with three different girls several years his junior. The case is under investigation.

November 12: A business called to request a welfare check on an employee who had not been to work all week and was not answering his phone. Officers contacted the missing man at his home: he was distraught over a personal matter but was otherwise all right. He promised to call his employer and let them know he was all right. Officers cleared.